Submitted Date 12/11/2019


To the shops I wander in, walking around as the elites eye me in

their mini-projections

To all the eyes that hold me at knifepoint in the train, on the street

They don't fade into the background, the blur

I remember them clearly


This is a city for both winners and losers,

No sleep is the motto


Everyone crammed in

Spoiled sardines make weird bed fellows

While everyone's soul is its own police state, or desires to be

On alert, on guard

Wanting to surveil and know the imminent stranger from an arms distance length

The new, modern form of diplomacy


Through the long winters it's no less true

This rigid, cold war wages on

Everyone breathing on top of everyone else

Panoramic in scale are all the little things we take for granted adding up

There comes in the white noise to make us forget, just to teach us to appreciate


Yes, it's all anyone has ever known

But why live in cycles of seasons

When an eternity is waiting by the river surrounding


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