Submitted Date 10/26/2019

You offered me a bite of your heart when I crawled out from the depths of my cave, and you stole the taste from my lips. When I looked into your eyes, I saw nothing but a thirst for my blood and a desire for my flesh. I grasped at your ankles in a plea for recognition, but your head turned away in disgust. You may have desired me, but my stench sickened you.

I built you a temple and christened it with my tears. The pillars followed you along the halls and echoed your footsteps. As you reached the altar I created, I threw myself onto it. Flames spit from the wood and burned my flesh. You giggled in delight as my screams reached your ears, and I could feel your tongue tasting my burnt flesh. Bending over my face, flames scorching your hair, you breathed in my scent. The smell of my roasting body filled you with a desire I had never before seen.

I thought I had finally found the way I could please you, but you turned your back to me once again. Heaving my wretched body off the altar, I dragged myself behind you as you walked away. The sounds of my almost corpse was the only noise filling the air. The cool marble floor cooled my skin and I began to feel the pain of the flames that had tasted me.

Jazz music began to desecrate the halls of your temple and you trembled in anger. There, on the other side of the hall, stood a band of instruments playing without the hands of owners. Cursing, tears of rage flowed from your evil filled eyes. You turned, our eyes met, and I had the strength to stand. Limping and dragging my near lifeless legs, I began to destroy the instruments and hoped that I could win your approval. But as wood and metal were demolished, you turned cold to me once more.

You were my paradise, but I never imagined paradise would be so frozen. I began to dry heave as my flesh started to harden from the burns. Fire and ice shot through my nerves, so I ran back to the altar. Throwing myself into the flames, I bit into my charred skin and bled myself out like the pig you would eat at supper.

I screamed, writhed, and fell into a silent bliss hoping that in my death I could provide you with life.

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  • Ashley Aker 5 months, 1 week ago

    not a healthy relationship but honestly relatable. famously dark, short, and sweet. I enjoyed this, thank you!