Submitted Date 10/03/2019

"Your personal opinion does not matter,
Because you are not straight.
And being straight is all that matters."

They have not said these words from their mouths,
But it is written in my family's actions.
And I have not even come out to them.

For you see, they are against "the gays" or whatever else you may proclaim to be.
They can't even take the time to educate themselves on what the correct terms are.
To them it is all classified as "gay".

I was raised in their type of christianity.
The type of christianity that doesn't focus so much on the love of their fellow man,
But more on the sins of them

And it is indeed the worst sin to be attracted to someone who is not of the opposite sex.
And so therefore, I am judged even though I have not told them who I am.

I am judged because of the pre-conceived ideas they have about the type of people that people like me are.

I have thought about dropping the bomb on them so many times before,
But I always stop myself because I do not want them to disown me.
I do not want them to quit loving me.
But at the same time, why am I loving people who I know would hate me if they knew who I was?

Oh what a beautiful and yet horrible thing it is to be one's true self.

So I will not tell them who I am just yet.
Perhaps one day, I will gain the strength.
Either that or I just won't give a shit about their pretend love that they do not know is pretend.

But for now, I do not have it in me to tell them.

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  • Rick Doble 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Very brave and honest -- and perhaps, just perhaps, in a few years, they might realize that being gay is like being born left-handed, i.e. some people are just born that way and that's all there is to it.