Submitted Date 09/01/2020

Between COVID-19, police brutality, political dogfights, and divisive discourse on Facebook from your racist uncle (just me?), most of us are feeling more than a bit overwhelmed. Self-care was thankfully already becoming a hot topic before 2020 hit us with all of its unrelenting might, so if you've made it this far, you're probably desperate for some helpful advice outside of bath bombs and face masks. Do those (because why not?), then come back to this list.

Talking to a therapist should be as routine as seeing your dentist for a cleaning every six months (reminder to call and set up a dentist appointment, peeps). Every few months you should check in with a therapist—more if you're going through a difficult time. There are online platforms you can utilize to video chat with a counselor. It's that easy! Be patient too—they're being inundated with new appointments. Get in with a therapist to take care of your mental health.

Accept help
It's a privilege to have access to mental healthcare and healthy food (welcome to the United States). Get on Medicaid and food assistance temporarily if you need to. Struggling to make ends meet? Ask someone you know and trust who isn't financially affected by the pandemic. People are more willing to help than you think. Getting help can lift a huge burden off of your chest.

Cover the basics
Have you eaten a full, healthy meal lately? When's the last time you've hydrated or had 7-8 hours of sleep? You are worthy of good health, and not only that, your mental health will improve when you do these simple tasks. Take care of your body with the basics.

Connect to others and to nature

Call your mom. Call a friend. Go on a walk outside. The more of the natural world you can interact with, the better. Connection to humans and to the natural world are crucial for our health overall. You aren't the only one going through tough times right now, and it can help to put your life in perspective by pulling yourself out of your own mind. Make a list of loved ones to contact, call at least one person once a day.

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