Submitted Date 08/24/2019

Black sludge crawls down the loveliness
The hole in its head needs set free
To become part of the timelessness
And to the past it can forsee

Fire versus once frozen wasteland
Nature clasps tightly to the tension
And it seems to all have been pre planned
For it shadows at the mention

Clearing at the last sight of inward
Advanced beyond all knowing
It cannot seem to be splintered
And the nothing keeps on flowing

Descriptions are for the weak minded
And hallelujahs for the rich
The grey seems want to be reminded
While it carries the insane pitch

Delivered to the highlighted place
Relations have forever gone
And in wanting to see the time's face
It is vital to last till dawn

Phase the results in logical cries
Counting down the hours in days
Stimulating it under the guise
That only the true ones can pay

Likewise as the time lapse cannot fade
So the stardom finds it true life
And as the cords cannot be outweighed
So it is here to draw the line

Rotation seems to be here hand
Approval may need an update
All the options are trying to ban
To find the answer besides eight

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