Submitted Date 07/03/2019

I walked to the grave


Taking soft steps

I scared the tears away with my anger

The flowers bloomed their best


Just to accomodate me

Accompanying me in sadness

But it was rage that kept me walking


pushing my feet forward

Until I am standing before the headstone


'The headstone'....

Is that how I refer to this person now? The headstone?

This was a human being. A real person


A person who once laughed at my stupid jokes

Who loved chewing potato chips too loud


Just to annoy me

And pushed the hair out of my eyes when I cried


To get me to look into his



He was a person.

My Person


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  • David Ross Washington Jr 9 months, 1 week ago

    It's always sad losing someone, reminiscing over the beautiful moments can be a double-edged sword, it can make you happy, but yet sad once again.

    • Jennifer 9 months ago

      David i always love your perspective on my writing ...i feel lucky that you read it ! Thank you

  • Kiersten Felch 9 months, 1 week ago

    The flowers bloomed their best
    I love this line, it says so much.

    • Jennifer 9 months ago

      Thank you so much kiersten !!

  • Rick Doble 9 months, 1 week ago

    You capture that emotion we often deny when a person dies -- anger. Anger that it happened, anger that they left your, anger that you will never see them again... We often feel guilty feeling such anger but it is real and not unjustified.

    • Jennifer 9 months ago

      Yes !! Thank you so much for reading it Rick ! I try hard to convey human experiences as they really are ,sometimes they're complex