Submitted Date 04/12/2019

Be careful

For she is no girl but a woman.

She is dangerous,

so be cautious when in her presence.

Understand that a woman

Will school you.

She will expand your mind

And her addition will be the subtraction of your worries.

She will multiply your blessings

And divide your doubt to soon be retracted,

As her production knows no limit.

For her power is extended

To the point that simplification isn’t possible.

The way she functions is complex.

Her value is absolute.

She is not acute obtuse or straight,

But a full 360. For it will take about a year

Just to measure the difference she makes in your life.

A fraction of your time is not enough.

Do not mess up your order of operations.

One wrong step and your equation might become negative.

So for the outcome to be positive.

You’ll need to evaluate

If you’ve factored out your irrationality

To make sure your pairing isn’t improper.

Y’all must be like terms to have symmetry.

She’s not linear, but more polynomial….

So know that she’s got curves.

It won’t be hard to differentiate her from the other expressions

She’s not average.

She holds a higher degree than most integers.

The range between her and other terms is quite large.

Understand that she’s not uniform,

But don’t be afraid for she is not mean.

It will take more than compliments for she is a supplement

That will make your life do a 180

Toward a more positive angle,

So if you look to approach her...

Use logic

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