Submitted Date 12/15/2018

Morning conversations bathes 
the sunrise grogginess. 
Rejuvenation is found in your voice.
Time slows down 
whenever I whisper your name 
amongst mundane rituals. 
Just one syllable, 
tongue to cheek, 
I savor it 
like salt water taffy Deon used to give me.
I think about the taste of you...

What do you taste like?
Sugar, sunshine and grit I bet. 
A little brown sugar with a hint of lemon I guess.

I sometimes wish my secrets could lay on your chest. 
Undress my silence and responsive, "mmms" in front of you.

Will you hold my tarnished parts and not be moved?
Will you be still as I engrave my fears into the grave?
Will you run when old memories haunt my future actions 
and attempt to summon ghostly fears?

For the first time I am scared of losing a partner.
If I do, I’ll be okay, 
but, your name will simmer under my belly,
your smile will be a portrait 
in my dreams like Monet to impressionism.
I'm petrified of ever having to get over you.

I wanna’ be under you, 
your skin tickling mine 
your fingers tracing my spine.
Your beautiful big brown eyes swimming towards mine.
You and I disobeying the rules of time.
The sand in the hourglass twisters in the same position. 

I wanna’ be a part of the stories you tell.
I wanna’ settle the rumbling in the center of your chest 
when you're rushing in the morning.
I wanna’ sigh softly under the navy-blue palette 
while cacklin’ at our dramatic antics and vintage jokes.
I wanna’ chase away toxic beliefs with you. 
Embrace the changes with you.
Shed away our egos and walk in our higher selves with you.

I wanna’ live out loud love with you.
Lavishly uplift each other's energies without tainted agendas.
I wanna’ shed away fears with you.
Tell you I'm in love with you and 
show you how deep in it, with you.
Be a part of the various journeys that are intertwined
in NYC's melting pot and feed our voices to those 
who know of this beautiful impediment 
but can't seem to find the words to say it-
with you.

From, "Long Live Phoeniexes" 

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  • Adam 3 months, 1 week ago

    I was hoping you would publish another poem. I really enjoy the literal text and subtexts of your work. I think because of my background in Language Arts and Education, when I read a work, I am not only enjoying the reading of it (and to me, your works sounds alive, as if the rhythms were meant to be read aloud, a clarion declaration, and not meant to be simply confined by the enclosure of paper or digital print). And in the back of my mind, I can’t help but to also explicate the sensory details, the word play, the internal elements, the rich construction of language that you layer and layer. I must say, I really appreciate your work. It is clear that you put a lot of time and energy in seeking and writing the exact nuances that you wish to communicate to an audience (to yourself). Well done, and thank you again for sharing.

    • Jasmine Farrell 3 months ago

      Thanks, Adam. I am honored! I try to pour my heart out in a way that I'm sure other people may feel as well (at some point in there life). My goal for 2019 is to experiment with a few more poetic devices and forms. However, I will be staying from meter- styled poems....noooope. No iambic pentameter for me!

  • tmarion 3 months ago

    This. Is. Beautiful. I just love your work. It has a musical quality to it, but beyond that, it is raw emotion. You leave everything on the page without holding back, and it makes your work feel so alive. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    • Jasmine Farrell 3 months ago

      *Cries and sips coffee with the grace of a cold Seagull* Thanks! I think poetry is the best place vulnerability and I sit together in peace.