Submitted Date 02/01/2020

So the time comes to go over to the Jamaicans factory, myself and Shane go inside and Tommy stays outside with the dog. Apparently two young lads saw the old man and decided to try and mug him. He was in a good mood so he decided to play the feeble old man routine.

"Ah lads ya wouldn't mug an old man would ya??"

One of them took a swing at him and he went down, selling it as best he could.

"OK maybe you would. Alright fine, lads. You can have my wallet. Just help me up."

When the guy put his hand out to help him up he dislocated his shoulder and pulled him in close enough to sink his teeth into his neck. The other one took off running. The hound, Cu Chulainn waited anxiously for his command.

"Who's my good boy? Go get him!"

Just as I got the van around I saw the hound take off running. I had to ask, although I knew the answer.

"What happened to you?"

Tommy smiled and looked off down the street.

"Some people need to learn respect for their elders. Let's go, the hound will find his own way home."

"Path of least resistance, remember? Call the dog back."

I was genuinely surprised he even acknowledged me speaking to him.

"You're just letting them go?"

"Just call the dog back."

So Tommy whistled to Cu Chulainn and he came back. Given that Tommy listened to me I decided to do him a compromise, so I went after the guy myself and dragged him back.

"Now, normally I'd have let him kill you but our two tribes are in somewhat of a transitional period lately, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. So behave. And show some respect for your elders in future. Oh, and the Wallet?"

He did his best not to look phased, but he gave the wallet back. So we let him go and away we went. Tommy said something that made me laugh, for a change.

"You can feed the dog tonight that was meant to be his dinner."

"Hahaha. Fair enough."

When we got home there was some group of protestors outside, students of course. Shane didn't like them, of course.

"Get out of the fuckin way. I hated the 60s and I hate you too, move!!"

I was curious, so I asked one of them what it was about. She spoke in that young, posh English tone of voice that says "I've never worked a day in my life but every word I utter into the world is a laboured favour I'm doing for you. "

"We think it's totally unfair the way you're being treated. Just because you're different doesn't mean you deserve to be treated differently."

I tried to hide my derision as best I could. She was kind of cute to be fair.

"That's very kind of you, thank you very much."

"I fuckin hate hippies."

Shane had that wonderful way of bringing things back down to earth. Not that I was a big fan of hippies myself, but they bought us another 24 hours.



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