Submitted Date 06/11/2019

This passage is from an excellent example of Paul's convoluted, long, rambling sentences (verses 8-11). They are typically packed with meaning, once you can decipher them. This particular portion of the sentence focuses on the calling God has given to each of us. Notice the following distinctions:

1) Holy calling - To be holy is to be separate and dedicated for a specific purpose.
2) Not according to our works - We have not earned the calling; it is a gift to us from God.
3) According to His own purpose - He has a specific reason for gifting us as He does, our life path meshing with our giftings.
4) According to His grace given to us - Grace is being given what we do not deserve.
5) Given to us In Christ Jesus - These gifts accompany our baptism in Christ.
6) Before time began - From the foundations of the world, God has know this was HIs plan for us.

There's too much in this to unpack but consider that it is in the middle of a long sentence, and only part of the thought Paul is trying to convey. Were I Jewish, I'd say, "Oy, vey!" Paul's teachings are not always easy but they are definitely worth the effort.

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