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Legend had it that within the heart of the Northern Mountain there was a cave said to have possessed the power to show you what you most desired.


At this very moment, an elderly woman covered in a bright blue hooded coat stood in front of this cave with three children also dressed warmly for the trip.

"What is this place?" the little boy asked.

"Yeah, it's so big…and scary," said the youngest girl as she hid behind the old woman.

The eldest of the three, appearing ten-years-old, then asked, "Grandma, what exactly are we doing here? We're not supposed to be here." The grandmother removed her hood and was in awe to see the cave. It was almost as if she was looking upon the face of a friend whom she had not seen in a very long time. "Grandma? Are you okay?" the eldest granddaughter asked concerned.

She finally responded with, "The legend about this place is true. In fact, it saved the life of a young girl from our town."

"What do you mean Gramma?" the grandson asked.

"Sit," the grandmother began saying, "this story will take a while to tell."


After everyone got comfortable sitting on the cold snow, the grandmother began her tale.



It was many years ago, in our little Inuit town of Winter Nome, where the young girl named Aurora lived. As a child, she was very happy with her family and many friends. In fact, one of those friends was a boy named Liam, who would later become the love of her life. All was well with her world that was filled with life and laughter; the purest of joy. However, as she got older, her world began to change. Most of her friends left for greener pastures and her family…well…to put it lightly, they didn't care much of her opinions. Now nineteen-years-old, she felt she no longer had a real purpose. If everyone left or not even cared what she thought then what good qualities could she honestly find about herself? As she lay in her bed pondering about all of this as night fell, Liam entered her small room; her back to him the entire time.

"Aurora," Liam began saying as he sat on the bed next to her, "you haven't been returning my calls. What happened?"

Still not facing him, she replied, "Every time I think I found a new friend or believe that one of my old ones was going to stick around…they pull a fast one. They leave because something or someone better than me came along. They never say it, but it's pretty much implied. As for my family..." She couldn't finish her sentence and began sniffling.

"They ignored you again, didn't they?" Liam asked. Aurora started crying where her boyfriend then picked her up and hugged her.

Aurora buried her face in Liam's shirt. "Why?! Why does this keep happening?!? Am I a horrible person?? Am I so worthless that I'm easily disposable??" she asked.

Liam was appalled by what she said. He took her by the shoulders and looked sternly at her. "Don't you dare say that!" he shouted. "You're not worthless! In fact…" Liam reached for his back pocket where he began to pull out a little blue box with a ring sitting patiently inside. "you mean everything…to me."

Before Liam had a chance to show her the box, Aurora said, "But why?? Why am I worth something to you if I'm not even worth a second thought to everyone else?!"

"Hey, not everyone is like me and I sure as heck am not like everyone else." He then put a gentle hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. "You are intelligent, brave, honest, loyal, and the most caring girl I know. You have this incredible ability to make anyone smile, especially when they're down. And…you're so beautiful. You're worth a lot more than you think. If those idiots can't see any of that then it's their loss!"

She didn't say anything at first and tried to take in all he said. "You're expecting me to accept all of this right away," Aurora finally said. She then sadly removed her boyfriend's hand from her face and lay back down in her bed, hugging her pillow, "but it's not that simple."

Liam could see how scarred Aurora had become by everyone who hurt her. He stood up and took a couple steps towards the door before stopping. He then said, "Look, you know I'm leaving in three days for my internship in America and I'll be gone for a year. I would really like to see you again before I go." Aurora didn't say anything. "I'll call you later. Goodnight." Liam then left, putting the little blue box back in his pocket.


A couple of hours had gone by when Aurora finally got up to open the window next to her bed. She crossed her arms on the windowsill and sighed as she put her head down. She looked out when she heard an old man singing as he was walking drunk down the street, swinging around a tavern cup.




Deep in the heart of our very own mountain

Lies a cave of spirit and truth

All are welcome to this brightness

Doesn't matter if it's the old or youth


Deep in the heart of this enlightenment

Lies the answer of which you seek

You'll be filled with this new light

Before your heart goes bleak


Deep in the heart of this life journey

Lies the spirit who guides the way

Follow their voice and you will see

The dawn of a brighter day


The dawn of a brighter daaayyyy!


Aurora remembered that song, she learned it in grade school. It spoke of the Northern Mountain's legend that within its heart was a cave that would show you the answers of which you searched for. What the song meant by "follow their voice" was that the Spirit Guide would contact you by a song where you were to then follow it until you found the cave. It had been many years since people attempted to venture deep within the Northern Mountain to see if the legend was actually true. Those that did try didn't survive, so the town made it a law that no one was to go that far into the mountain. They even blocked it off as an extra precaution. Pulling herself back, Aurora wondered if the stories really were true. If they were, would the cave be able to show her what her heart desired? Would they be able to reveal if she really was of any worth? I shouldn't, she thought to herself. It's so stupid. It's just a legend. It's not true. She looked out of her window again and saw the Northern Mountain being covered in the Aurora Borealis' luminating colors.

Aurora sighed then said, "But then again, what do I have to lose?" With her eyes clenched shut and her hands resting upon the windowsill, she called out, "Please, if you're really out there, will you show me the way? I don't know what to do anymore. Spirit Guide? Can you help me?" Aurora looked out and saw nothing had changed from before she asked for help. What was I expecting, fireworks?? she thought. She waited a little longer, hoping something would happen. "I knew it," she said disappointed. Aurora decided to turn in for the night and fell asleep on her bed.


When the town was sleeping soundly deep within the night…Aurora heard a voice.


She kept tossing and turning as the voice continued to sing. Unable to continue sleeping, she got up and quickly opened her window. Before yelling to silence the singer, she saw how empty the streets were, not a single person in sight. Aurora was very confused and continued to hear someone singing. Something at the Northern Mountain then caught her eye. After squinting her eyes to get that better look, Aurora saw deep within the mountain a blue glow that arose when she heard the voice again.

After thinking back to the legend and remembering what it meant when you heard a mysterious call, Aurora happily gasped then exclaimed, "Spirit Guide!"




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