Submitted Date 06/24/2019

After what felt like a year of winter and harsh weather in Boston, summer has finally arrived. People have finished hibernating and are now filling the streets with energy and great summer vibes. If you are new to Boston, or are simply looking for new and adventurous things to do in Boston, check out the following list:


1. Morning Yoga sessions at Boston Yoga Union. This local Yoga studio is located at the center of Boston in Massachusetts Avenue. It is close to local coffee shops such as Pavement and the famous Berklee College of Music. With the smell of serene essential oils, walking into this studio is like entering into a blissful sanctuary and leaving the busy city behind.

2. Kayaking. If yoga isn't really your preferred form of exercise, you can go to "Charles River Canoe and Kayak" in Kendall Square. This activity is the perfect plan whether you're going on a date, making memories with friends or simply going solo. Their boats range from single kayaks, double kayaks, paddleboards and canoes and they have very affordable prices. Enjoy the sun, the water and of course, the tanning session!

3. Newbury Naco Taco food truck. We all love food and shopping. So what better way to go about your day than to walk down Newbury St. and grab a quick bite at the Naco Taco food truck? And maybe buy a Coca Cola to beat the summer heat. After you're done grabbing a bite, you can work your way down the countless Newbury St. stores for some good shopping.

4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. For those who think of themselves as more of the "art nerd" or inside type of person, then this will be the ideal plan for a nice summer afternoon. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is absolutely breath taking both in architecture and its collection. The luscious rooms are covered in historic pieces of work that Isabella herself collected throughout her life. Once you go inside, you will also notice that there are a few empty frames due to the infamous robbery that happened almost 30 years ago. If you get lucky enough and find any of these artworks, you just might get their $10 Million reward!

5. Red Sox Game. You really haven't been in Boston until you go see their Baseball team, the Boston Red Sox! Located in the heart of Fenway, the huge stadium will give you a really "Bostonian" experience. You can go earlier in the day in order to purchase your tickets and also walk around the area and eat in local restaurants. Make sure to take some spare money in case you get hungry for some corn dogs during the game!

6. Paint Bars. If you never learned how to properly paint in your High School classes, but still desire to do so, paint bars are the perfect place for you. Located in different areas of Boston (including Newbury St.), paint bar's concept includes drinking wine (or your choice of beverages) while releasing your inner creative artist. It is a great experience for both a night out with the boys/ladies or for date night.

7. Dillon's Patio. Dillon's is a great local restaurant and bar that has a really cozy patio. The patio is open throughout most of the day; you can either have a nice and breezy "boozy" brunch or enjoy a night out with live music, great drinks and warm lights.

8. Tanning at the Docks. Wintertime not only takes away a little bit of your soul, but also your golden summer color. If getting back that tan sounds like something that you want to do, then I recommend hitting the docks in the Charles River. People take their bathing suits, music, and sometimes their furry friends. Grab a towel, some sun block and your choice of book and make your morning a relaxing and sun-filled one.

9. Picnic at the Commons. The Boston Commons is easily the most romantic and aesthetic New England Park that there is. Its iconic crispy leaves in the fall and its winter ice skating rink are only a few of the things that give it its beauty. During the summer, you can see tulips, ducks and the beautiful and sparkling pond. It is a great place to take your speakers, a tablecloth and bring a basket filled with your favorite snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic since it is not allowed to drink in public).

10. Berklee Summer in the City Concerts. Lastly, the famous school Berklee College of Music offers a variety of open concerts where their talented students perform around the city in order to add some grooves to the summer fun! Follow them on their social media or look on their website to get more information on the dates and locations of these concerts.


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