Submitted Date 12/30/2018

As someone who craves constant attention and companionship, I used to see long distance relationships as pitiful situations. Then to my dismay, I fell madly in love with someone who lives in a different country! So, my heart made me bite the bullet and agree to a long distance relationship, unsure if I would survive. The result was… shocking. Not only could I survive it, but it could actually thrive in it. These romances may not be ideal at first glance, but there are many surprising advantages to having a long distance lover.

1) Independence

Some people see romance as a cure to loneliness, but that can be unhealthy and lead to codependency. When your partner lives far away, you have the freedom to live your life without any assistance. You don’t have to worry about drifting from your friends or compromising your schedule. Long distance lets you adapt to a relationship without losing yourself in it. Your relationship will benefit from a strong sense of independence, allowing you to appreciate your partner instead of relying on them.

2) Trips

In long distance relationships, someone is always going to have to make the trip… so why not just take one? Falling in love with someone abroad gives you the opportunity to travel to and with your partner. Seeing new places with someone you love makes everything more exciting and gives you something to always look forward to.

3) Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Often when you are dating someone, you will eventually become annoyed with the little things they do. Sometimes you just need some space to make you regain your affection for your significant other. But with long distance, you will never be sick of your partner because you will be missing them. When you miss someone, you realize how much they mean to and learn to appreciate them more than you ever would have.

4) Motivation

It won’t last forever, because the hope is that it will eventually turn into a close-distance relationship! When you are long distance, you should have a goal to be near each other one day. This goal can motivate you to make certain changes in your life instead of being comfortable where you are.

5) A Love Worth the Distance

The absolute best part about these relationships is knowing that you have found someone that makes that makes the distance worth it. If your love can survive on nightly FaceTime calls, text messages, and mini vacations… it can survive anything!


Replace intimidation with curiosity. Be your authentic self with everyone you meet, so you make authentic connections.

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  • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 2 years, 2 months ago

    Emily, I applaud you for making a long distance relationship work. I too am a person who needs affection and closeness, almost to a fault. You make some really good points though. Especially with the whole not being annoyed by the little things. This would definitely be a plus. More so in the early stages of a relationship, where you are not as invested and cannot easily overlook the minor annoyances. Thank you for sharing.