Submitted Date 10/11/2018

Sitting alone watching life trudging by.

Drinking your coffee and wiping a tear from your eye.

Looking at photos of what used to be.

Seeing the smile you again long to see.

How long has it been, how much time have you let pass?

While bottling the pain until it becomes a dangerous mass.

The time has come to let that pain slip away.

You do not have to forget, but the pain cannot stay.

Remember the happy that was, how it was when you smiled.

Before the emptiness took over and your pains were compiled.

Whether you lost a loved one to death or deceit.

The pain you are feeling you must completely defeat.

While hurting is normal, allowing you to heal.

Let it take over and your life it will steal.

Grieve for the loss and give it some time.

Scream if you must or put your words into rhyme.

What ever it takes to open your heart.

For love is neverending, it is always a start.

Love will overcome, no matter the loss you have felt.

Love is your trump card, the best you've been dealt.

Love is not lonely, angry, or sad.

It is not to be suffered or broken when mad.

Wrap yourself in it and until your not blue.

Loving yourself or others is the greatest gift for you.

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