Submitted Date 06/13/2019

Life is just a thread. And context is everything to a thread. A single part of a unified system. One system runs every form of life, matter, and energy. You are, in your current state, a single thread. But in reality, you are your mother, your father, your daughter, your friend, and every other person. You are me. You are every animal, insect, and plant in the world. Your knowledge and understanding is limited by your current state and limited context. Life happens concurrently. But a single system can't truly operate concurrently. Instead, it switches contexts. One thread processes, then the next. This switching creates an appearance of concurrency. When you hurt someone else, you are actually hurting yourself. You don't feel the pain in this thread, but you will when you transition to the next thread.

The limitations presented by context are both a burden and a blessing. Context spares us from pain affecting others, but it blinds us from the love and happiness as well. It creates barriers to cooperation that require deliberate actions to circumvent. The concept of nature vs nurture applies to context as well. When a thread is created, it is built on a base layer of logic that determines how it can interact with the system. The life of the thread is determined by both it's nature and by how all the threads interact together; and manage the system resources available.

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  • Rick Doble 3 months ago

    I have never thought of life as a thread, and that opens many possibilities. Good idea. I tend to think of each individual's life as a wave that is propelled and is a part of the past and contains all of life, just as you say here.

  • Kiersten Felch 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Really interesting, and true that it is easier to NOT put it into context.