Submitted Date 11/09/2019

I want to lay it all out there before I even get started. I despised Hillary...to the point that, for the first time in my voting life, I tossed my vote to the Independents because. I was disappointed in my party. I was more than just disappointed--I was downright pissed with the way the DNC ousted Bernie, and I believe that Hillary is absolutely crooked. I refused to vote for Donald Trump, but his ONE saving grace was that I believed at the time that, even though he didn't know everything he needed to know to run the most powerful, most amazing country in the world...he knew that he didn't know it all. I was assuaged of the guilt of robbing the democratic party of my vote because I felt confident enough that he would surround himself with intelligent advisors who would fill in the gaps of his knowledge. I wouldn't directly vote for the man, but indirectly, I did.

To set the record straight, this is not about Hillary anymore. As much as the GOP and the Right-wing voters out there insist with memes upon memes and "but Hillary's" for days...it ceased to be about Hillary in 2016. Trump won. He won. Democrats can argue electoral v popular all day, but the dang thing is set up the way it is, and it is what it is, he won.

Now, with the limelight away from Trump in comparison to everyone in any other party...with the spotlight solely on him...how has he done?


Okay, unemployment rates are down and jobs are coming back from overseas. That is AMAZING! The silly problem with the rich and powerful is that they are also cheap and that meant that the American dream was being shipped away where labor could be paid for with pennies and sometimes the blood of citizens from countries deemed lesser than our own. Diamonds? Chocolate? Coffee? No worries. He has contributed to a country where the goods that we pay for and delight in are slightly more likely to be made by the hands of Americans who are then able to contribute in a more meaningful way to our economy. I love it. This is where I fully support the "America First" movement he stands for. It does pain me, though, and I can't ignore the fact that those children in sweatshops abroad have been robbed an opportunity to provide for their families.

Should they have to? No. Is that the reality of the world we live in? Yes. I see this as a potential small step towards an alterior means of economic growth in other countries. I'll admit I'm no genius when it comes to global economics where this is concerned, but when I see those I love struggling so much in a country like our own, when my family struggles in the great country of America, I have to agree that our country should do what we can to take care of us. Not always feasible, but where it is, let's get it done.

He's not the first to reject a salary, and I almost hesitate to put this in the "for good" section because the presidential salary is pocket change to him, and he's profiting from his position enough to level the playing field, but he has contributed to many different charities that are blessed to receive that money.


A portion of my frustrations with the Democratic party lies with Obama. Politics in general, all the way back to ole' Bill. Since Bill Clinton, the country has become so divided it's really very sad. HOWEVEr, the level to which Trump has waged a war within America is unparalleled. It isn't just partisan, it's neighbor-against-neighbor, family-against-family. He and his administration have equated Godlessness with progressiveness, leveling his support as a matter of good vs. evil. He has publicly ridiculed people of other cultures, backgrounds, and denominations, stooping so low as to heckle those with disabilities, heavier dispositions, and has actually signed Bibles so that those who follow him will somehow equate him with The Man himself. The evangelicals will tell you he is the second coming and this rhetoric is an absolute poison to a country that was built upon the freedom to worship.

The problem is that his base, and a large part of the country in general, is Christian. So, whether he's a p*syy-grabbing, pornstar-hushing, foul-mouthed, bigot or not doesn't matter as long as he says..."I'm not for abortion, that's against God," or "No transgendereds, that is blasphemous," or "I love blacks, look at this nice fellow I have working for me." He has flip-flopped, stuck his foot in his mouth, and flat-out lied sooooo much, but it absolutely doesn't matter because somehow his rhetoric has been successful at leveraging him as "good" in a sea of evil. This is why there is such dripping malignant hatred between parties. True, it didn't start with him, but he has poured gasoline and blown wind on an already out-of-control fire.

All of this--and I could go on and on--is before the impeachment business even begins. Let's get down to it.


As I said before, I was okay with essentially balling up my vote and throwing it away...BECAUSE I felt that with a group of astute advisors, Trump may have actually done a brilliant job. He has, unfortunately, systematically Apprentice-style, fired anyone who offered him bad advice. Bad advice, you ask? He's equated bad advice with any advice that isn't "yessir," "you're absolutely right, sir," you're such a stable genius!" This has led to embarrassing backslides on environmental action, a series of fights with the forever-allies of the United States, a puzzling embracing of the world's most nefarious dictators and autocrats, and the indictment, imprisonment, and on-going investigations of some of his closest yes-men.

To be fair, in an environment where to disagree is to lose your livelihood, I can understand the fear...but who do you want to be when the history books are written? A coward who paled in the face of a red-faced, sorry, orange-faced, demagogue, or someone who risked it all to stand up in the face of what's right? At the end of the day, nothing he does is his fault and he'll heave you under the bus with a moment's notice. Worse, he'll get another yes-man to heave you under the same bus so it can't be traced to him. Then he'll hide the evidence in a secure server to which it doesn't belong.

Those men Bolton warned against, those yes-men, are the men who have--potentially irreversibly--allowed this man to entangle our country into a series of decisions benefitting the evil in this world. Suspending our economic advantage in a worrisome stalemate for those in the midwest. Setting the stage for a tremendous about-face when whoever it is that resumes office in Trump's wake. Democrat, Republican, woman or man, it doesn't matter, Trump has laid waste to everything this country ever stood for and ignited a hatred amongst and between our own citizens that will not, can not, get better before it gets worse.


It is not just because of a phone call in which the president made a poor judgment call...he should be impeached because the implications of the weight of power he was throwing around directly benefitted those who could, should, and would do harm. The money meant for Ukraine was a bipartisan approval that he used to bully a foreign leader into "bending the knee." The text messages show it, the transcript shows it, and al he can focus on is putting a hit on the whistleblower's head. I have news for you, Mr. Trump. Second-hand, third-hand, it doesn't matter. There is an army of constituents lining up and verifying everything that was said. Just bow out.

Just bow out, nobody can save you from yourself.


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