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July is national adopt a rabbit month. So far, we have covered why you should adopt a rabbit, supplies you will need for your rabbit, and the health, emotional, and social well being of your rabbit. In my last post in this series, we are going to talk about toys for your rabbit.

Rabbits love to chew so they will need lots of toys. This will be a mix of toys you can use indoors and outdoors. The first thing you want to think about before buying anything is safety. You will want to make sure the toys you purchase are safe for both supervised play and unsupervised play. Also, you will want to make sure they don't have any paint or finish on them. If you are choosing to offer wood toys, avoid wood from apricot, cherry, plum, peach and redwood trees and if it the toys you offer are untreated, make sure it has aged three months.

Store Bought Toys

1. Sharllen Apple Sticks-These sticks made out of applewood are safe for rabbits to chew until their heart's content. (Amazon)

2. Living World Teach n Treat Toy-This toy will teach your rabbit to search for treats and has three different levels. (Amazon)

3. Niteangel Treat Ball (Snack ball, 3 inches diameter)-Fill these balls with your rabbits favorite treat and let them play. (Amazon)

4. Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy-This snack board contains seven lids that your rabbit has to lift to get treats. (Amazon)

5. Niteangel Wooden Interactive Toy Ball-This toy has larger holes, which make it easier for your rabbit to pick it up and play with. (Amazon)

6. Timali Rabbit Toys Activity Zone-This play station is 12 "wide, 16 "long and 11 "high. It has lots of fun activities to keep your bunny busy. (Amazon)

7. "The Tree" Pet Rabbit Toy-This chew tree is made in the USA and uses wood that is safe for rabbits. (Amazon)

8. Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree-This tree is made with safe bunny materials like seagrass and corn leaf with four dangling carrots for the ultimate chewing fun. (Amazon)

9. Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Chew Treat-These multi-colored treats were a big hit with our old rabbit, Boots. We would break them up into three or four pieces and let him have a bit at a time. (Amazon)

10. Hay or Grassy Mat-Rabbits love to sit on these and chew them. They are relatively inexpensive, which is useful when they need to be replaced; however, they can be pretty messy. (Amazon)

11. Wood Bridge-Rabbits will love that they can both chew and hide under their new bridge toy. (Amazon)

12. Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy-This toy is made of yucca wood and is safe for your pet. They will love being able to roll, chew, and toss this toy around their habitat. (Amazon)

13. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout-This hideout is colorful, bendable, and shapeable. It is a toy for your bunnies chewing habits and a place for your rabbit to play or getaway. (Amazon)

14. Peter's Woven Grass Play Ball-This ball is made of woven grass, is affordable and is safe for your rabbit. (Amazon)

15. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel (Collapsible 3-Way Play Toy)-This toy has three tunnels to keep your rabbit entertained, is made of a tear-resistant material and is made with a steel frame. It is also collapsible and can be cleaned if your rabbit gets it dirty. (Amazon)

16. Maze Haven-This is a maze that you can design for your rabbit and also add stories as well. (

17. Rabbit Dumbbell-My rabbit Abbey loves dumbbell toys, and they are made of safe wood for her to chew. (Amazon)

18. Natural Wood Chew Toys-This set of wooden chew toys will set your rabbit up for hours of chewing fun. (BunnySupplyCo)

19. Hideaway Treat Puzzle-This cute, paw-shaped toy has seven compartments to hide treats in for your furry friend. (BunnySupplyCo)

20. Interactive Logic Treat Toy-Your rabbit will love playing with this rolling treat toy for hours. Is your bunny overweight and doesn't need extra treats? Then add some pellet food. (BunnySupplyCo)

Homemade Toys (For Use with Supervised Play Only)

1. Make a tunnel-Use poster board to make a tunnel for your rabbit; make sure you cover the staples with tape to avoid injuries.

2. Paper or Cardboard Chew Toys-Give your rabbit a toilet paper or paper towel roll and let them go to town. Our rabbit, Abbey, loves toilet paper rolls. Sometimes we stuff them with hay, and she goes nuts, she loves to pick the pieces out.

3. Cardboard Box Castle-Take a cardboard box cut some holes in it, and watch your bunny explore to their 'heart's content.

4. Bath Towels-If you have old bath towels, give one to your bunny to drag around, sit, and dig in. Make sure you wash them regularly because rabbits like to pee on them too. If you have a chewer, make sure you supervise your bunny so they don't start chewing and eating the towel.

5. Cereal Boxes-Rabbits love light things that they can throw or toss around, make sure you cut the box up the middle, so your rabbit won't get its head stuck.

6. Mirrors-Rabbits are territorial, so putting a mirror in front of their cage should be interesting. Seeing another bunny will catch their attention, even if it's their reflection.

Rabbits can get bored easily, so it's critical to have a wide assortment of toys for them to play with. The beautiful thing is, if you're short on cash, you can still make some cool toys to have on hand for them. Store-bought toys are fantastic too, though since there are lots of different kinds and options. Toys from the store come in various price ranges, which is excellent also. Think about the things your bun likes to do most and bring home their dream toy today.

NOTE: All rabbits are different, so if you have any reservations about giving a specific toy to your rabbit, talk to your vet first. NEVER LEAVE YOUR RABBIT UNSUPERVISED DURING PLAY.


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