Submitted Date 11/01/2019

It's almost the end of the year. In just weeks, we'll be in 2020 and if you are a die hard summer/spring/sunny/warm weather month kind of person, counting down the days until a little more light shines down on you, then you might not really care much about this, but there's some things that just need to be done before fall wraps up. Even if you don't really like fall, there are things to do! Things that will maybe make the cold more bearable, and some things that should maybe just be done before the new year hits, things to do to clean out some clutter.

1. Maybe stroll on over to your closet and take a look inside. Did you wear all these things this year? Did you wear them once? Did you wear them and think: okay, I'm going to sell this, or donate this, because I don't like it anymore/doesn't fit/etc., and then didn't? Alright, so maybe some early-early spring cleaning and clean out that closet. Why not go into a new year with clothes that you will wear and that you actually like? Plus side is, either you try and sell them on some online websites and earn some extra cash for the holidays, or you donate them and someone gets some new clothes for the new year, too.

2. While you're at that whole looking inside a closet thing, why not open your laptop/computer/phone and take a look at all your apps, notes, documents, etc. Maybe empty out and permanently delete anything that's still sitting that little trash bin, uninstall apps you don't use or turn off their (annoying) notifications. Delete unneeded photos (like photos of you and your ex?) clean out whatever. Clean out your music files if you find some songs annoying or boring now. Change your background/wallpapers. Clean out your contacts that you no longer need on your phone. Take a peak in your social media to unfriend and unfollow anyone whose posts have annoyed you or you just no longer talk to anymore and have no reason to keep them in access of your own photos and life updates. You know what? Maybe even replace those old notes of shopping lists and random quotes with some new goals for the new year. Some things you want to do for sure before 2020 ends. Some things you didn't get to in 2019 and might not once the new year rolls up. Set some goals, set some wants and wishes and things you wish to do to better yourself!

3. Find a new recipe and cook or bake it. Search near and far for something that looks delicious to you and make it (even if it looks complicated or has a long prep time), make it and perfect it! Perfect it so much to your own tasting until it's engraved in your mind and voila, you can make it without a recipe. Trust me, it's satisfying. Maybe there's something you've always wanted to try to make yourself but never did. It can be as simple as finally making your own homemade chocolate chip cookies (which is really fun, by the way, because you can make them how you want them, crispy, chewy, extra chocolatey, etc.) or Gordan Ramsey's beef wellington. You do you.

4. Buy some festive chocolates and treat yourself. It's not too late to run to the store and snag some discounted Halloween chocolates, but I urge you to make a little splurge for yourself. Maybe go buy a box of individually sold truffles that you choose yourself. Or that big box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates at Costco. A bag of Ghirardelli squares. Do your thing. Treat yourself. If you're not a huge sweet fan just go ahead and splurge on some good wine and cheese. Splurge on whatever kind of snack you like.

5. Assess your health! Has your back been aching lately (or for basically this whole year) and you've just ignored it? Well, fix it! Or take the first steps to having a better back—go to a chiropractor, the doctor, etc. If something has been bothering you health wise for a while, take charge and get checked before you head off into 2020 feeling possibly worse. Assess your mental health, too. If it hasn't been the best, you can take those baby steps to discussing this with your doctor, or even just downloading a mood app to get more insight for yourself before you do. I have been loving the MoodPath app which gives you a set of daily questions about yourself and day and lets you document your mood. After a few weeks it gives you some insight and will continue to. It helped me realize that it was time to up the dosage of my meds which were no longer helping me like they were before.

6. Call up your family members, reconnect with old friends, anyone who has contributed once positively to your life, but you just haven't had the time to meet up or chat lately. Like long distance friends and what not. Maybe arrange to meet up before or during the holidays.

7. This brings me to making new years eve plans. If you're going to do something in (EARLY) November, I suggest to get on this. Especially if you're planning on traveling. Don't miss out on a good hotel that'll be all booked soon, or any travel deals.

8. Maybe do something for the community-volunteer, donate non-perishables, toiletries, etc. It always feels good to provide a helping hand and make a difference, even small. It's a great thing to do—even if it just requires you to drop off some cans in a bucket.

9. Tell the people you love that you love them. Self-explanatory.

10. Rearrange whatever needs to be rearranged. If you want to rearrange your room setup or whole house—do it. You won't have to continuously look at the furniture you wish were somewhere else when it's January and for the rest of 2020 until you cave. Do the hard work now and reap the benefits later of a quiet mind.

11. Start doing something you've always wanted to do N. O. W. If it's making a different dish, do it. If it's starting a journal, go for it. Or starting a business. Or finding a new job. Or leaving your relationship. Or telling that person you adore that you want to be with them.

The holidays are totally about selflessness and giving, but don't forget about yourself. You deserve so much, too, and there are some things that no one can give you but yourself. So, go after the things you want and change the things that no longer serve you. Happy almost new year.


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