Submitted Date 05/08/2020

Five years had gone by since I first arrived at Tanah sihir.

A little after my arrival, in order to keep my promise to Alex, I searched for a spell that would allow me to contact her. I eventually came across a spell that could take my spirit and transport it to speak with the people I have previously interacted with. The spirit can then return to my body so long as I know where it is. This was only for advanced sorcerer's, but I had to keep my promise. That was when I discovered another quality I shared with my father, we were both prodigies in the mystic arts. My sister was indeed surprised, as well as worried that I died and came back as an apparition, when I first made contact with her. We were both so happy that I managed to find a way for us to see each other again. Alex kept me informed of all that was happening in Rahsia and I told her of the strange yet wonderous world that was Tanah sihir. There was a point in one of our discussions where Alex expressed how much she would love to leave Rahsia and come to Tanah sihir to learn the ways of magic. We revealed the idea to our mother where we then created a plan with her. Just as Mother was able to convince the king of Rahsia that my sudden departure was originally an act to save me from the bandits then became a life changing journey to better myself, she was able to convince him to allow the same thing for Alex. No later did my little sister arrive to Tanah sihir and four years later became a powerful Fire Sorcerer within the Sorcerer's Guild. Of course the two of us would occasionally return to visit our family in Rahsia in order to continue the lie and prevent the king from suspecting anything, however, we would always returned to Tanah sihir.

Many other things occurred during the five year period, however, those are tales for another day. Just know that I made many friends; from all of the training I received, I became stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically; and gained complete control over my magic and wings. I was even advanced to Master, the youngest in the guild's history. My father was more than impressed, especially since he was only twenty six when he became a master. I was filled with joy when he told me how proud he was and that, even though no one could know about it, he was thrilled to be my father. Within my time in Tanah sihir, I had grown so much in both magic and as a person. So much so, that I realized something that I couldn't comprehend when I was younger. That sense of belonging, though the pain of it eased when I found my real father, never really left. I had to continue to concealing a part of myself; this time it was just my real lineage. My true identity, my entire identity, was still unknown to everyone I surrounded myself with. Well, all except my parents, Alex, and the Supreme Sorcerer.


Speaking of which, at this point in time, I was in the dragon stables with Alex. We had completed training for the day and wanted some alone time with the new hatchlings.


Then…the whispers returned.


Alex noticed me gripping my head as the pounding began. "Hey. You okay Sis?" she asked.

"It's the whispers," I told her. "They have returned."

"Again?! Dang it!" I informed Alex what happened with the gem the day I arrived, however, she appeared not to have remembered all of the details. "When are those stupid voices going to just leave you alone?! I mean, my gosh!"

"I told you before Alex," I began saying, "I hear the whispers because I am a Universal Sorcerer. Our magic is powerful enough the hear the gem that protects Tanah sihir. My father has taught me how to ignore its calls."

Alex was being Alex…again. "Yeah, but your dad said they left him alone after a couple of years. It's been five for you! Why the heck are they still bothering you?! Is it because of you being connected to all life or something like that??"

"I wish I knew, Alex. I wish I knew," I replied. The voices began to become quieter until they were no more. "It's alright now. They're gone."

"Good, or else I was going to have to tell your dad again. You know how ticked he gets," Alex said.

"Oh, I do," I answered. We both began to laugh where I then observed my sister. She truly had grown within these past five years and yet was still the same. Her attire, right down to the red streaks in her dark hair, actually matched her fiery personality. She once confided in me that coming to Tanah sihir was the best decision she ever made, for never before had she felt so alive and free. True, she would receive a talking to once in a while about her actions and mentality, but other than that, all loved her for who she was. My sister was a decent student, a great soldier, a good friend, and the best sister I could have ever asked for. Alex was so confident in who she was, did not matter who she offended. The truth be told, part of me envied her for it. I was always forced to hide a part of myself, never allowed to show anyone who I truly was. There were times I even prayed for a chance to be confident in who I was without hurting anyone.

My sister then noticed the expression change upon my face. Alex, now eighteen-years-old, still spoke her mind like that thirteen-year-old I once knew. "So Sis, are you going to tell me what's now bugging you or am I going to have to guess? And please don't make me guess, I'm too exhausted from training and my mind is currently filled with how much I love this little guy!" Alex always did love the dragons, especially the fire breathing ones. She would even speak to them with cute little voices.

I, now twenty years of age, decided to reveal to my little sister what weighed on my mind. "It's been five years since I left Rahsia. So much has changed. I went from one world with no magic and normal animals to another filled with magic and creatures I used to read about in our children's books. I found my real father as well as my true calling…"

Alex could tell that I was not done with my thought. "But?" she said.

While scratching the head of the recently hatched dragon on my lap, I brought forth enough strength to answer my sister's question. "Why do I still feel so out of place? I should be grateful, thankful even, for all that I have! And I do! But I cannot help but feel, it's not enough…because not all of me can be seen. I'm forced to yet again conceal a part of myself. And with that secret, comes many consequences if it were to ever be discovered. I just want to be in a place where I can do what I love while showcasing all that I am. A place…"

"A place to belong," Alex finished. I looked up at my sister wondering how she would feel about what I had just said. She just smiled and said, "Look Sis, I get it, I really do. Once, when your dad was giving me one of his "speeches," he said he knew about my life in Rahsia because of what you told him. He then said that the reason I rebelled so much back there was because I was out of place and didn't know how to fit in. It wasn't until I got to Tanah sihir that I found where I belonged and my rebelling softened…just a little bit. Remember, I have a reputation to uphold." I chuckled at her comment. Alex then finished with, "I don't know of a place that would have everything you want, but I have a feeling it's out there. And when you do find it, this feeling you've been dealing with will be gone and you'll be free to be your whole self. Just be patient Sis, you'll find it soon enough."

"That was incredible, Alex," I told her, stunned at what she said.

"Well, I can't take all the credit," she began saying, "I mean, it was your dad who told me this."

A voice arose from the distance, "Now Alex, don't sell yourself short." We both turned and watched as my father approached us saying, "You can be wise as well if you put real effort into it."

Alex answered, "I have my moments Stephan, but don't get used to them. I'm not the wise, philosophical type."

"That's Master Stephan to you," Father said.

Alex responded with, "Mmmmm…no. You and I know each other far too well and have a close enough relationship where me calling you 'Master' doesn't work."

Father couldn't help but chuckle. "You are very much like your mother. She said something similar to me a little after we first met."

"Yeah," Alex began saying, "and ironic how she became a Wind Sorcerer instead of a Fire Sorcerer like me. I thought the elemental magic was supposed to mirror their sorcerer's personality?"

"Yes, indeed Alex, but if you actually stayed awake during your text studies, you would realize that this determining of one's type of magic is more than what's projected on the outside. It's also what's deep within the heart, deep within the soul. So there was more to your mother than just her stubbornness and free spirit," Father said, speaking like the teacher giving their pupil a quick lesson.

"Yeah, yeah, you still love me like a daughter nonetheless," Alex humorously stated.

Father sighed at being caught in another one of Alex's games. He chuckled again, "You're lucky that I do." My father then remembered something, "Which reminds me. Alex, Master Clayton is looking for you. Said he was ready to see your new 'Sky Fire Kick' move."

"Oh, dang! That's right!" Alex quickly put the little dragon she was holding back in the stable with its mother.

"I thought you were too exhausted from training?" I pointed out.

"Yeah, but I have been practicing this move for weeks and I am not missing this opportunity to show it off!" Alex, sounding nearly out of breath from rushing, stated. "Gotta go! We're still on for dinner tonight, the three of us?" Father and I both nodded. "Great! See you guys then!"

As Alex was leaving, I shouted, "Good luck!" It was now just Father and I in the stables.

"What are we going to do with that Alex?" Father jokingly asked.

"You do have to admit Father, she is the breath of fresh air you felt this society needed," I commented.

"True, but I was expecting a breath, not a windstorm," he said. We both laughed at his- not far from the truth- statement. After settling the hatchling I was holding back into the stable with its own mother, Father said, "Why didn't you tell me about this feeling you've been battling?"

I sighed in realizing he was there for the majority of my conversation with Alex. "It's nothing to be concerned about, Father," I lied to him.

Father saw right through it. "Apparently it is if you confided in your sister like that. Why wouldn't you tell me?"

I finally turned to face my father, doing the best of my abilities not to cry from feeling guilty. "I didn't want you to think I wasn't grateful for everything you and Supreme have done for me or that I wasn't happy here. Because I am, I truly am! I found you, my calling, and a home whose kingdom I didn't mind ruling one day as you once pointed out-"

"That's just it Skye," Father interrupted. "I don't want you to feel you have to run this society when the time comes or even force yourself to be truly happy here!" He then placed a loving hand on my shoulder and used the other to lift my chin up to look at him. "I know you're grateful, you love me as any daughter loves her father, and have found joy here. I really do believe all of that. But you're not truly happy…and to be perfectly honest, that's alright. Just as Alex said, one day you are going to find the one place where you'll be free to be yourself and that battle will finally be over. When you do find this place Skye, you better make that your permanent home. Make it your kingdom to rule and look after. You are my daughter and I will love you no matter where you go or what you decide. Understand?"

I began to cry upon hearing this. "I do. And…" I quickly turned my head to inspect the area, making sure none were around. "I love you too, Father!" We both hugged.

Father let go then wiped away the tears from my face while saying, "Unfortunately, I have to get going. There's a meeting with Supreme I cannot miss." He started to pat his hips then look down and around his sash. "Oh no, I seem to have left my pouch bag in the underground library. I need it for the meeting."

"Why don't I go fetch it for you?" I offered as we left the stables.

"That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Skye," he answered. "It's on the table and just bring it to the meeting chambers within the palace."

"Very well. I'll see you there." I then went my way and my father went his to meet with Supreme.


When I had arrived to the underground library, I spotted the pouch bag sitting on the table just as Father said.

Just as I was about to leave with the bag in my hand, the whispers returned. "No," I started to say firmly, "I told you to stop. I will not give in to you." The voices suddenly became louder and bouncing around in my head. "What do you want?!" The noises vanished after the purple gem on the podium in the small room began to glow. I found myself being drawn to it. The closer I got to the gem, the more it had control over me. Why was this gem have power over me? Why did it constantly call to me? And more importantly, what did it want? Just like before when I had first arrived, I reached out for the gem. The only difference was, this time, I actually grabbed it. As it grew brighter, flashes of images were being pounded into my mind. I saw events of the past, present, and even the future. Then I saw the king of Rahsia and he appeared surprised, as if he could see me. "King Michael?" I said.

"What?" he replied. "Skye, what are you doing here? It's me. Your fath-" I screamed when he took my hand. There was this great amount of pain, like lightning coursing through my body. In that moment the two of us were connected, he saw what was in my head and I saw what was in his. Deep within his mind, he carried a memory of him being told how dangerous magic was and that it had been outlawed from that world many centuries ago. A later memory then showed me how he was informed that it was possible some people possessed magic and could one day use it to end his rule. What I saw next sent chills down my spine. It was revealed to me that it was the king himself who paid the group of bandits who I fought against five years ago, to hunt down and eliminate anything related to magic. The elder woman who recognized my eyes was the expert and used her skills to track down anything and anyone that had even the slightest ounce of magic. That's why my mother, Alex, and I were attacked that day; they were there to murder my mother and I. When the king released me from his grip, I let go of the gem and we both fell to the floor. Our connection began to fade as the glow of the gem was dimming.

As I used the podium to pull myself up, and before that bond was lost, I heard the king say, "Andrea, you'll pay for this treason!" Then…he was gone. From what I could gather, he only saw certain memories of mine. Still, out of all the memories in my head, he had to see the ones involving Mother and the lie about my lineage.

All I could say, all I could think, in that moment was, "No…Oh no, what have I done?"




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