Submitted Date 02/22/2019

Connections mean nothing without exhibition.

Interactions are empty without emotion.

Intimacy is pointless without passion.

Conversation is ridiculous if no one truly listens.


The world around us houses 7.53 billion people.

Each person awakens everyday with a mission.

99.99% of those people go about their day not giving one care as to who you are or what you do that day.

If you think about it that way, it's quite depressing.

But perhaps that .00001% of them actually does care.

They wake up knowing full well that you will be in their life.


But one day, when you wake up, someone in that .00001% does not want you in their life anymore.

Someone you thought would always care.

Someone you thought you mattered to.


And suddenly, you become that 99.99% of people again to them.

Just like that.

Like ripping off a bandage.


Say the person lives for 75 years.

Say you were in their life for 2 years.

Right now, frozen in time, that seems like a long time.

But in the future, frozen in your lifetime, that 2 years will only be 2.6% of their life.


2.6%? That is nothing.


Now imagine if they live to be 100.

This percentage that you impacted their life decreases down to 2%.


Something you put all your time, energy, emotion, passion, and care into only lasted for 2% of their life.

That 2% also applies to your life.


Realize that each and every one of us has 100% of their life, in their lifetime.

Of course the span may be different, but, however long you are here, you have 100% of that time.

Make sure to remember who your .00001% are.


Is it that man on the corner of the road you drive by every single day and wave to?

Probably not, but to him, maybe he remembers your face every day and you are that .00001% to him.


Is it the grocery store cashier you said hello to earlier last week when ringing up?

Maybe they made your day by complimenting your new shoes and they are in your .00001%, but to them you were just another customer.


Each and every person in your life has an impact on you in some way or another.

You may matter to them and never see it, or they may matter to you and they never see it.

But each and every single person you look at, talk to, or somehow come in contact with is connected to your life somehow.


Everyone has a thread that they drag along with them everywhere they go.

Its invisible.

Sometimes people's threads get tangled up and they become a part of your life.

Sometimes the threads intertwine and need to be cut so they can keep moving through life.

And sometimes the threads simply untangle on their own and drift to meet new ones.


Connection means everything with exhibition.

Interactions are fulfilled with emotion.

Intimacy is fueled by passion.

Conversation is beautiful if only someone listens.

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  • Rick Doble 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I think you are talking about 'meaning'. And as long as what you do has meaning, don't sweat the rest. Even if one relationship is only 2% -- but hey, whose counting?

  • Tomas Chough 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Interesting way of looking at things Grace. Life definitely has many different perspectives. I appreciate you sharing your view with us!

  • Miranda Fotia 3 months, 1 week ago

    This is a very thought-provoking piece! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kiersten Felch 3 months ago

    Something I definitely feel is a problem in today's society with social media fueled interaction. I like to take a step back and remember that all humans through the ages feel like we live life without meaning. Our generation is not alone in this.