Submitted Date 07/07/2019

Its crazy how quickly your mindset can change.

How little time it can take to alter the entire way you think.

Or maybe that's my own fault for being so easily influenced.


Perhaps my mind is too malleable

My principles too fragile

My values not concrete.


But I think I have finally found that sweet spot

Between adaptability and stubborness

And freedom and rigidity.


I once was never able to get lost in thought,

Always worrying and seldom enjoying,

Now it is quite the opposite.


Often times now I am caught in a dream,

Living in a dream world,

Placing unrealistic standards in an imperfect world.


But it is here that I feel happiest.


Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses,

Though cliche,

Has liberated me.


I am finally at peace enough to have fun,

To experience things within the world,

And to be comfortable within my own skin.


I have opened up to so much,

Shut out so many toxic people,

And discovered so much about myself.


I am now confident that the dreams that I am lost in,

The fantasies and visions of my future,

WIll one day be the life that I live.


More importantly, I see that the dream world IS the real world,

It is attatinable to make simple things like driving or eating,

Into a magical, fantastical experience.

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