Submitted Date 07/31/2019

Wrapped tightly in a poets mind
Just above the threshold
Rich with unspent emotion
Lie the vast empathic
Expanse of every tortured
Soul begging for an ear.

Listen. Poets hear

What isn't spoken

Caressed and loved

They wrap it gently
Adding it to their collection
Of broken things.


They build an inner voice
And contain its steady hum
Until it becomes a roar.
It spills over like a boiling
pot on the fire and
Becomes a constant reminder
Of times best forgotten.


Surrendering relieves the pain
As it always does
Release is sweet, thoughts are rich
Yet the page is blank.
Forming words from
Memories and expectations
Let's the unknown become known.


The effort to live in
Gently wrapped memories
And through vulnerable words
Threatens the delicate balance
Between happiness and despair.
Danger lurks as lips move
Across the page
Everyone's a critic.


Thou shalt not fear
For the expressions
Hanging from the cuff
Are pressed between
Solid bound covers
Placed On a dusty shelf.
Upon their death
Memory stirs in those
Left behind.


Searching for answers
Their life is dusted off and
Pages are carefully turned
Until they become
Bigger than what they were.
Now infamous, they shall
Finally be heard.

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