Submitted Date 07/04/2019

I heard your cries and I heard your silence. I saw the day the sun set for its final time, and I watched as darkness shrouded your earth. The hope in humanity's heart faded, and the stench of disgust filled the atmosphere. Up above, as I watched, I saw a single flicker of light. As the flame of a candle quivers in the wind, it danced. And so I drew close.

In the corner of a darkened home huddled a child. And as I watched, its heart's flame began to dim. Reaching out my hands, I cupped the flame and whispered love into it. And as I spoke, it grew into an inferno.

Carrying the child, I ran through darkened alleyways. I did not know what to do, only that I must protect this last piece of hope. And as I stumbled along the streets of this world, I heard a small voice singing. And then, in full force, the melody of a multitude shot through my heart. The last rays of the dying sun were singing through the flames of a child. I ran to the horizon. The closer I got, the more the blaze grew and the louder the singing became.

Behind me, I heard growls in the darkness. And footsteps. Footsteps that were coming fast. I could feel the breath of a legion upon my neck. And I knew that if I slowed, if even for a moment, the child would be lost. So I ran until at last I reached the horizon where the sun had fallen.

As I laid the child on the ground, the singing filled me. And the child's heart that bore the last flames of hope burst into a ball of light which rose into the sky. Shattering into pieces, it speckled the atmosphere. One breath of hope filled the world with stars once again. Darkness was no more.

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  • Kiersten Felch 9 months, 1 week ago

    I loveeeee thissssss

    • Ellen Gibson 9 months, 1 week ago

      Thank you so much. I loved Part 1 so much, but I always try to put some ray of hope into whatever I write. So I had to write a 2nd part to it.