Submitted Date 12/28/2018

The best thing I’ve ever written is my fourth-grade diary. It may have been written in colored pencil and decorated with J-14 Magazine cutouts, but I would still rank it above any thoughtful academic paper. While it may not have been grammatically in touch, it’s immature voices provides me with a hilarious representation of my eight-year-old life. This is something I think about when I find myself in creative ruts.

Unleashing our creativity is easiest when the possibility of failure is forgotten. In fourth grade, I wasn’t worried about failure as I wrote in my journal because I was simply absorbed in my thoughts. For some people, this might be the hardest part. Don’t worry about success or failure, just open yourself up to creativity so my mind can unleash itself. This won’t always look perfect, but that's okay. You can always go back and change things, but you can’t fix something you never made.

So ask yourself, what is holding you back from creating? You have an answer, whether it comes from doubting yourself or a lack of inspiration. Don’t let that hold you back. Inspiration may not always be as clear as day, but you can always take a moment to stop and look around. Absorb yourself in the world around you and let your thoughts flow freely. This is where your creativity begins, with your voice. You may be the only one who can hear it now, but it is time to put it out there in any way possible.

Your voice is as unique as your own face. It will change, it will grow. Sure you can put on makeup or fix your hair, grow a mustache, put on glasses, but you are never going to look exactly like somebody else. Appreciate your unique thoughts, don’t waste them wondering if they will please others. If I were to do that, my fourth-grade journal wouldn't exist as my favorite writing piece.

Get your thoughts out there creatively, whether it is through painting, writing, music, or something you came up with yourself. Once its out there, you can make changes and figure out how you want to use it. It is all a part of the creative process!

Replace intimidation with curiosity. Be your authentic self with everyone you meet, so you make authentic connections.

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  • Miranda Fotia 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Great pep talk! Thanks for sharing!