Submitted Date 10/30/2019

Your love is a long-lost ballad; a passion that will never be known. I tasted the cherries of the divine upon your lips and fell into your heartless abyss. Flung far from the light of the heavens, you wrestled in pain and anguish as I fought to be part of your bloodline. But the life I wished for was never to be.

Love is an emotion that you will never taste, for hatred and lust are the only flavors that mingle upon your tongue. And when the essence of flowers reaches your nostrils, it is peace that will be hardened and thrown into the nothingness.

Lies said through fallen tears and fables passed through succulent lips are what you have become. The songs you have written will be the tales of future times and will be passed through the ages.

Your love once existed in you as a child, but you have turned cold through the passing of the years. As an innocent, you lost your way and your soul abandoned its existence. Light no longer shown through the cracks in your chest and you stood tall no more. The weight of darkness caused your shoulders to slump and your face of beauty to be carved with lines.

Why have you fallen so far from where you once were? I remember the time when you sung as an angel and shone with the light of the gods. Mother Universe had showered her gifts upon you and all were envious.

Perhaps it was the envy of others that wormed its way into your soul. Where you once felt kindness towards the plight of the world, you now laugh in spite. Envy has made you into the creature I see. It is you, but it is not.

When I gazed in your eyes, I used to see beacons of joy and hope. But now, well, I cannot describe what I see. I am longing for it to be the day when I will be showered in stars of ecstasy from your eyes.

You are lost, but I will find you. For Hope, Hope shall never be lost.


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