Submitted Date 06/27/2021

Here I go, some of these I have heard elsewhere and I agree with 100% and others are of my own creation:

A - Always be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

B - Be kind as much as humanly possible.

C - Cultivate a better attitude...IF a bad one keeps causing you suffering.

D - Don't keep people waiting on you if you can help it.

E - Everyone dies...but not everyone really lives.

F - Fuck the patriarchy...let the old ways wither.

G - Gratitude...practice it every. single. day.

H - Hold on tight to your dreams.

I - In every living thing, there is a spirit to be free.

J - Just breathe...slowly and deeply at least once a day.

K - Kick ass...if you don't know how then learn.

L - Learning anything new every day is extremely beneficial in ways you may not use at the moment but later on, trust me, you will make use of whatever it is.

M - Mindfulness...a practice that can open you into an unexpected, expanded state of self-awareness.

N - Negativity can be quite exhausting, full stop.

O - Openness is vulnerability. Be open. It might take practice but it's worth the effort.

P - Perfection is completely over-rated.

Q - Questioning things you don't understand is NEVER wrong.

R - Radiance comes from within. You will not find it at any cosmetics counter.

S - Scenic drives are always the best ones.

T - Time is fleeting...use it wisely.

U - Underestimating your self-worth is the most destructive type of denial.

V - Vanity is nothing more than insecurity. It is one of the 7 deadly sins. Run, do not walk away from vanity in any shape or form.

W - Womanhood is made up of witty wizardry.

X - Xenophobia is the scourge of our world and must be irradicated.

Y - Yin, and Yang is a cosmic energy that is inescapable. They create, transform and control each other. Finding the balance between the two is essential.

Z - Zen...a state of mind to aspire to every day.



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