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The keys to success are both infinite as well as different for everyone. What works for one individual might be the complete opposite framework for what it takes for another to achieve the level of success they desire. When we talk about success, it is not limited to wealth, achievements, or materialistic things. Success is also about the intangible things that we cannot see. The definition of success varies due to one’s dreams and aspirations.


For example, if someone’s life goal is to simply be comfortable and healthy, they might be content with working a regular job, having an ordinary life, so long as all of their needs are met. Others, however, may be called to live a life that is full of adventure, devotion, and creativity. So you could see how they might not feel successful if they are not living their life to its fullest potential. Whatever your definition of success, it is important to have a clear vision of what it is that you truly desire in life. Using the Three C’s: clarity, commitment, and connection to help you develop better understanding of how to reach your goals, is a great way to stop living to the standards of others and start living the life of your dreams.




One of the main reasons a majority of people fail to reach their goals and live truly fulfilling lives is because they lack clarity. Clarity is the most essential step before all else when it comes to attaining one’s goals. When working to achieve something, you need to make sure you know exactly what it is you are working towards. Ask yourself: What is it that I desire to do? Who is it that I desire to be? Why do I want to achieve this? When you can ask and answer those questions, you are one step closer to making your dreams a reality. It is also important that your goals are in alignment with your own personal values. Don’t get so caught up in other people’s lives that you start to feel like their achievements are what you should be working towards. Remember, everyone’s path is unique and a direct result of their own desires and ambitions.


Visualization is a great “tool” you can use while attaining clarity of your life’s purpose. When you have a certain goal in mind, visualize what it will be like achieving this goal. Pay attention to every detail to where it feels almost like your reality. Take note of everything, from how you feel to the people who are around you (if any). Be very specific in this imaginative process. When you spend time visualizing a certain thing, you are registering this desire into the subconscious mind. When this desire becomes something you can see, feel, taste, etc. it becomes more attainable. This technique can be helpful in many avenues of your life, like improving relationships or beginning a new business venture. No matter how you do it, seeking clarity is the first step in living the life you desire.




Commitment is often the last thing people tend to focus on when it comes to achieving their goals. Unfortunately, this is a critical element that can’t afford to be skipped or done half heartedly. To be committed to success means to put in the necessary work that it takes to achieve it, no matter what. It’s easy to start something whether it be a new business, new diet, or even a new relationship, but commitment is what makes or break any journey to personal fulfilment. Let’s take a look at a true story to better showcase how imperative commitment can be.



One day, a man decides he wants to change his life around. He’s tired of waking up every morning, going to an office job he hates, and ultimately helping someone else get richer from his hard work. He makes up in his mind that he’s going to quit his corporate job and start to work for himself. He loves to cook and decides to begin a catering business. Full of excitement, he creates a name for the company, a menu, and tells all of his friends about his new business. As the days go on, he learns how much work actually goes into starting a business and is very overwhelmed. He desires to have a successful business but isn’t sure how to go about doing it. He decides it’s too much work and goes back to working his original office job. A year later, one of his friends launches their own catering company with unimaginable success. If only he had stayed committed to his own goals, who knows where his catering business could have went.


Reaching your goals isn’t always going to be easy. There are going to be times you want to give up and leave it all behind. The important thing is that you never do. If there is something you truly want in life, go after it. Once you achieve it, all the hard work that you had to put in will only be small steps compared to your big success.




No matter what facet of life, connectivity is at the center. This is prevalent in relationships both business and personal. People love to connect with people. Connection goes far beyond just communication. When you can connect with someone or something, there is an everlasting imprint in your mind that exceeds anything surface level. In many people’s ideals of what it takes to create a fulfilling life is the desire for a successful relationship and/or marriage. At the core of every loving relationship is the connection shared between two people. In order to achieve such a connection, a decision has to be made on both sides to show up each day and truly be there for one another.


Even in business ventures, it is important to connect with clients, coworkers, and customers. When you can connect with individuals on a genuine level, you will be successful in ways that go far beyond any generic interaction.



Life is meant to be exciting, fulfilling, and prosperous. No matter what your aspirations are, it is your divine right to go after them and make them come true! With clarity, commitment, and connection, you can create the life of your dreams and start living today!

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