Submitted Date 05/12/2019

Pain is easiest processed alone;

Dedication to pleasing anyone but oneself is exhausting, unrewarding, and tethering.

It is often times best to be alone.


Sharing fulfilling experiences is not as exciting when downgraded by others,

Expressing enthusiasm is never as complete when unrecognized by outsiders,

Therefore, it is best to revel in excitement alone.


Finding someone who cares about you as deeply as you crave is impossible,

Allowing someone into your life that understands you fully is a waste of time,

It is much more beneficial to complete yourself.


Human interconnectedness and communication is exhilarating and engaging,

But it is just as equally depressing and interrupting.

It is usually best to keep to yourself and never share with others your inner thoughts.


But at the end of the day, it is important to see the value in the people you often forget about,

Those quieter people that are always in the darkness of your life waiting to speak to you whenever you let them,

The people we forget, the people we do not value, are often the ones that do fulfill us and that deserve our time.





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