Submitted Date 02/16/2019

You never really know how you will feel about something, until it's right in your face, forcing a reaction.

When the most unexpected happens, and you never saw it coming for a minute.

It feels like something has been ripped from you, torn from you.

Feels like an abrupt death of one of the happiest moments of your life.

Vanished, disappeared, ceased to exist as if they were never there.

The crazy, unfair truths rear their head, but never yield any real answers.

You are left alone, vulnerable, unloved.

Wondering what you possibly could of done to reverse what happened.

Pondering for long, sleepless nights about what you did that was so bad to trigger such a response.

Thinking that you can change, that you can alter your very being to be exactly what they want.

But, you don’t deserve this.

You put your all into everything, and the fact of it is, you couldn’t of done anything differently.

Nothing you are, nothing you represent is wrong.

None of your reactions, your thoughts, or what you stand for is a hassle.

Your time is precious.

Your company is amazing.

You are perfect.

They may never know what they are missing.

Or maybe they are sitting in their bed right now, phone in hand, wishing things were different.

But that is no longer your concern.

This is your life.

You need to own it.

You need to make yourself happy.

When it comes down to it, maybe you got what you needed.

Maybe it was meant to be, and maybe it wasn’t.

But the reality is, it just isn’t anymore.

Whether that’s the way its supposed to be or not.

It’s over.

The acceptance of this fact is what allows you to truly move on.

To understand that you are not defined by a relationship is what its like to learn to love yourself again.

It doesn’t need to be some ceremony, some great enlightenment.

It could simply be waking up one day to the sight of yourself and not hating what you see.

It could be spending time with loved ones and realizing the worth of your company.

It could be seeing the amount of positive, amazing, fun experiences you can make with your time.

It could just be letting yourself eat some chocolate, taking a nice bath, or listening to your favorite songs and letting your life be as it should.

Your life is you.

Your life is not defined by others.

Others are an addition to an already fulfilled life.

Without people, you are still you.

Once you can appreciate your life for all that it is, you can allow others in to enrich your life.

Extraneous people are meant to build you up, support you, and offer good company.

They are not there to hold you up, change you, or help you suppress your feelings.

Take care of yourself before anyone else.

It is then that you will possess the ability to live your life to the fullest, and allow friends and relationships to join the journey with you.

Never wish any harm or bad karma towards anyone.

Even if they hurt you, they did share some wonderful memories with you.

Instead of wishing the time with them never occurred, remember the experience and move on.

You can always make new memories with new people.

Or you can cherish the time as it occurred.

Remember it as in the moment, and not with your new view of them blocking the past.

See everything you gained from the relationship.

Think about everything you have learned about yourself and life.

Thank them.

They spent the same amount of time in their life as you did in yours towards this relationship.

Never, ever greet your past with pain or sadness.

Greet it with a reminiscing smile, as you would while looking through childhood photos.

Its done.

Its over.

But your new life has just begun.

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