Submitted Date 08/15/2018

Coastal North Carolina, 2016

NOTE: The Flying Dragon was the name of a pirate ship, captained by Christopher Condent in the early 1700s, that sailed in the Caribbean and other places.

It's kinda quiet for a Friday night
at The Flying Dragon

The Rooster is sitting on a stool
only up to his 5th beer --
not yet dancing by himself
in front of the mirror 
at the end of the counter

The quiet crack of billiards
punctuates the jukebox:
it's CCR and Born On The Bayou
"chasin' down a hoodoo there"

Notes spill out the open double door
into the spring air
as the local band takes a break 
with a few puffs 
on the benches outside

And skateboarders are drifting down the street
-- now that the city got around to paving it --
passing a regular Dragon girl
standing on the newly painted yellow center lines
dancing a bit
as she talks on her cell phone

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  • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 7 months ago

    Rick, you have a way with words. This makes one feel as though they are there, smelling the beer and hearing the wheels scrape across the pavement. Thank you for sharing.

  • Miranda Fotia 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Great description of a night at a local bar! I especially liked the line "the quiet crack of billiards punctuates the jukebox". I'm from North Carolina, not the coast, but it's a few hours away. Is The Flying Dragon a real place?

    • Rick Doble 6 months, 3 weeks ago

      Yes, it is based on a real place and the events mentioned were real too.