Submitted Date 04/11/2020

You don't have to feel suffocated in cramped quarters during COVID-19 quarantine. Get creative and make the Coronavirus crisis a bit more bearable. There's lots you can do to put a smile on your face while you pass the idle time with your family or on your own.

1. Holiday Spirit
Celebrate the holidays indoors. Look forward to festivities by decorating as best you can and preparing seasonal treats for the home. And don't stop with what's coming up on the calendar. Go through the year and fill your weeks with holiday cheer. Celebrate Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whatever makes your home happy. Make memories by recording the activities and vlogging or video diarying the days.

2. Arts & Crafts
You may not have a stash of holiday décor, so it unbox those crayons and markers, find some paints and construction paper, get out that glue and glitter. Make crafts to pass the time or for display. Make them for any occasion; a celebration or just because.

3. Cooking Class
Some goods are unavailable during this trying time, but buy what you can and look for fun recipes you can make alone or with the family. Make substitutions as needed, and again, record and post it to journal your experiences and share something uplifting with others.

4. Indoor Camping
Pitch a sheet tent, assemble a pillow fort, or set up sleeping bags in the living room, backyard, or safe shared space. Eat hot dogs and toasted marshmallows off of skewers. Turn the TV to a nighttime nature or starry sky background video. Read stories by flashlight.

5. Learn a Language
Whether it's Spanish, Swedish, or sign language, learning a new way to communicate with your housemates, spouse or kids is a great way to bond and work your brain. There are plenty of apps, and free and paid online courses that will have you saying au revoir, adios and ciao to Coronavirus in no time.

6. Perform a Play
Read a stage play out loud and act it out. Many works are available online, and Shakespeare is always a staple.

Don't let togetherness tear you apart. Get cooking, get creative, and get in the spirit. Keep yourself and your household safe and sane while we all do our part to slow the spread.

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