Submitted Date 04/28/2019

the sound of the door
cracking open after a blow
is the sound of her heart
splitting apart
because she knows
this is a cold war
he's going to win.
he's got his guns
locked on her,
it's no sin
he says
to say he's right
because in his light
there's no fight.
she's just a bitch,
dumb little witch,
who can't shut up
and who whines
and winds
him taut;
that's why they fought.
it's her fault he snaps
and traps the scraps
of what she has left.
this is a theft,
it's not what she thought,
every word is a shot
that she feels she bought,
and every tangle
is a new angle
in which he ties the knot
around her wrists,
with the promise of a kiss.
he holds her close
this is what she chose
it's all she knows
he won't let go
and she wouldn't want him to.

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