Submitted Date 09/01/2020

Don't feel guilty. If you're not ready to take to the streets to peacefully protest there are other ways to support police reform and to reject systemic racism.

Read, Educate, Inform

The United States is awesome for many reasons, but Americans were born and raised into a problematic culture. The internet is an endless source of information, so turn the engine on full blast and surf through books and articles written by BIPOC to learn as much as you can. Pace yourself though—you're embarking on an emotionally heavy journey and you need to avoid burnout.

After you've learned about systemic racism and feel confident enough to talk about it, share your thoughts with others. This could mean sharing it on social media, vlogs, or in conversations with family and friends.

Tempering your emotions around this is important. You want to do what you can to find common ground with the people you're speaking with and avoid inflammatory speech. We are in a dangerously divisive time. We need to stand together against oppression and resist being divided and conquered.

This sounds simple logically, but this is an emotionally-charged subject that will likely raise a few voices in the room. You will find success with education, patience, boundaries, and knowing when to move on when you find ears that refuse to listen.

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