Submitted Date 10/15/2020

I used to carry it underneath my chest…

Ain't nothin' hollow about a weight that pulls you further to the ground

when a majestic transformation beckons you to rise,

but you fall to your knees-

the weight controls your attention…

Why bother?

The past is a familiar comfort and a faithful bully when you keep running from your shadow.

Ain't nothin hollow about a weight that solidifies your fears.

Why bother?

Some aches take years…

Some betrayals never wither away like sand on low level boardwalks…

I know about carrying a boulder that was never mine to carry.

It's no one's to carry.

It was never yours to carry.

So, I bother.

Bother to challenge the voice that attempts to smother my light.

To look my fears in the face of my past and tell it,

"Get behind me. The lessons are my foundation."

Present is mine.

Forward looks good on my essence.

Ain't nothin' hollow about deceit.

But neither is my strength-

my tenacity.

I used to carry it in my chest…

Until I pushed my chest open for the present to slip in and release it.

Release it.

Release it.

Release it.


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