Submitted Date 01/20/2019

We walk through the galleries,

the map guiding us through the maze of rooms and jungle of people.

We pause

in front of a piece ten feet tall


at the colors and shapes.

I question the rationale

the potential meaning

and you answer me immediately

once again proving to me that you are the most knowledgeable person I know.

I look over and watch you stare

as you explain your thoughts to me

your plush lips moving rapidly

and your sea green eyes do not break away from the piece.

I admire your concentration

because I know art is not your favorite

but for me, you come

plunging through the crowded rooms

taking time to stop and stare

sharing the historical aspects of art that I am unaware of.

You spend this time with me

time that you would rather be reading your science fiction novels

or going through the latest Neuron magazine

but still, you spend your Sunday with me

and show through your actions

just how much you care.

For this, my dear, is a true sign of love

spending time and honoring interests.

Enduring things less cared for

spending time

and sharing space.


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