Submitted Date 03/05/2019

I pity the man afraid of his own reflection

as a result of what he might be

for if he looked for just a second

his destiny he would see


his future encoded in the words he speaks

his fate is penned in red

a slave to his “own” beliefs

the man is already dead


on his quest to find the promised land

he trembles by every glass

but if he even sneaked a peek

his soul he’d save at last


yet he scuffles through every brown forest

& he wades through every brown stream

for if the water was too blue

life would not be what it seem


the man believes his heart is pure

at least that’s what he pretends

he’s never killed another man

he’s loyal to all his friends


but when it comes to humility

the man falls full with pride

and when it comes to day to day,

he lets his ego be the guide


unaware of his own deceit

he loves his righteous ways

if he never sees his reflection again

he’d smile through the blaze.







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