Submitted Date 12/05/2019

If you follow the shape of your eyes, you will find a melody of souls that has been forever lost in the regions of the other world. May you never seek to understand for it will always pass by you unnoticed. It slips through the shadows and can only be glimpsed in the far recesses of your mind. But if you listen, you will hear the chords they have created for you. As it flows between the crevices of your skin and seeps into your bones, you will find an ecstasy that men have longed for.

Love will become but a notion created in the minds of humans, and you shall become one with the energy of the universe. When you dance under the light of the moonlit sky, the stars will form above you as a crown to show you who you truly are.

If you live as the person you have been created to be, you will be at one. And being at one with all nature is who you are meant to be. There is no distinction between you and the flowers. You are both filled with vibrational energy flowing through the core of your souls. And as flowers sway in the wind, so you too dance with breeze.

Everything is one. We are simply different parts of the same working mechanism. I am you and you are me. We are the flowers, the trees, and the animals. The same force that brought the universe together flows through us. And through this force, the melody of the souls becomes our melody.

Every creature is a precious soul that must be cherished and cared for. As we seek to protect and celebrate our soul's melody, so we must seek to do the same for every creature.

Gaze at the delicate flowers and realize that you yourself are also the same.


Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@abrunhofer

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