Submitted Date 12/12/2018

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  • tmarion 3 months, 1 week ago

    0:00:41 - 0:00:59
    These are some of my favorite lines. I love the part about children knowing "free-falling joy." We often lose that as adults. But it sure feels good when we stumble upon it and remember how to let go.

    • Jasmine Farrell 3 months, 1 week ago

      Sigh, yes. Letting go...Something I need to constantly remind myself.

  • Adam 3 months, 1 week ago

    There was no doubt you had me in the first few lines on this poem. I was compelled to listen to it a couple of times. My favorite line blends the senses in a meticulous way, "But, everyone knows about the sugar cookie scent of giving to see someone smile." The figurative language construction on its own is beautiful, then add the story line, and this poem rises to a life on its own. I'd like to use this as an exceptional example of language use when I start my poetry unit with my students in February. Thank you for your work on this and for sharing.

    • Jasmine Farrell 3 months ago

      Thanks, Adam! You share can :) Good luck on your class in February. That's right around the corner.

  • Miranda Fotia 1 month ago

    "The essence of loved ones crowd homes with melted younger-hood tales pouring from soul to lips. Relieving sighs of connective past laughter mends familial divides." I love this! This poem totally captures the spirit of the holidays and makes me want sugar cookies and hot chocolate :)