Submitted Date 09/17/2018

I rushed to every corner of the street

With hope and want to see whom I could meet,

But when I tried to, no one could be found.

I flew to here, and there, yet all around

It seemed I'd lost my dearest fellowship.

The church was shut; its lock I could not rip,

And every window showed a frowning face.

I walked back to my neighborhood, to race

Some friends of mine. No laughing footsteps ran

To greet me; all had gone off in a van

To ring the bells of Ireland and till

The hollyhock. So I went home to swill

A cup of dogwood tea. I wait, and sink,

And sit while snapping dragons on the brink

Of fainting lose their petals, willow trees

Are shedding leaves, and I grow like the breeze,

A sigh among a field of laurels. I look:

Unnaturally, a set of friendly smiles hook

My shy relunctance. Some are old, some new.

I stand to greet the old, receive the new,

Though great in reservation. Shall time take

The rest forever? Not for Christian's sake?

Shall reconciliation be a myth,

And jewelweed lie on graves of kith?

I fear it so, yet do not know, so I

 Shall walk among the old, the new, and fly.

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  • Miranda Fotia 2 years, 8 months ago

    Great poem! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kiersten Felch 2 years, 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed your wording here. "jewelweed" very creative