Submitted Date 04/24/2019

My daughter looks up at me with pure awe
like I'm her North Star
like I'm her celestial help

She does this so often that I've started to believe her
lately I've been wishing on myself
following my own direction

She's deemed me heroine
I've breastfeed a tiny cosmic being while recovering from surgery and restarting menstruation
I have been doused in milk & blood
and love
now, let the other warriors proclaim again that men
are more physically strong

When it counts
my breasts stay fuller than their mouths
and with more nutritional value
they - or something designed to imitate them - gave life to countrymen
before they could pronounce our nation's name
when they all reached out for ma-ma
before ma-chetes or ma-chine guns
before they could plan out proud partitions
or make them
or break them

remember from whence you came
that mother fed you all the same

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  • David Ross Washington Jr 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    This is so beautiful. The love a mother has for her child is 2nd to none.

  • Kiersten Felch 9 months, 4 weeks ago

    WOW! As a mother I really really really enjoyed reading this I even read it out loud to my husband. It is so powerful. I'm going to save it and read it now and again. I'd love to hear it as a spoken piece as well. It's so strong and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Andrea Hope 9 months, 2 weeks ago

      Thanks Kiersten. I gained so much more respect and awe for my mother as a mother myself now. I will try to have it recorded soon.

  • Ceara 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    This truly is powerful and so well written. Thank you for sharing!

  • Tomas Chough 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Great poem Andrea! Very powerful and heartfelt.