Submitted Date 09/24/2019

Summer may be technically over but there are a few more warm days left in the year. If you like being outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and warm breeze, here are six great ways to spend the end of summer outside.

1. Outdoor Concerts
There's nothing like live music in the open air. Whether it's warm days or cool nights, sharing in a live concert experience with others is a great way to usher in the changing seasons.

2. Theme Parks
Theme parks are great fun year round. Your local area may shut down amusement venues for winter, but the temperate climate of the Southern US keeps many parks open and operating full-time. So cruise on a coaster or twirl on the tea cups. Theme parks have got you covered.

3. Bar/Restaurant Crawls
Crawls are a great way to meet new friends or meet up with old ones. Hop from bar to pub to tavern, or grille to eatery to cafe and get full on the way. You'll be in and outdoors throughout the afternoon or evening, so you'll get in that fresh air on the walk between locales or in outdoor seating.

4. Festivals & Fairs
Outdoor fests and fairs are perfect for those who appreciate nature and want to celebrate something else. Be it food, beer, wine, art, spiritual or historical, get your tickets and give back to your community. Festivals support the local economy and participating local businesses. They are also loads of fun.

5. Lounges
Outdoor lounges are so relaxing. There is something magical about the warm glow of dusk and a craft cocktail. The fresh open air and hum of buzzing patrons is enough to make anyone slow down and smell the last remnants of summer.

6. Cookouts
BBQ's, cookouts and backyard get-togethers make a great sendoff to the summer. Ales and warm ciders can loosen up the invitees, while grilled meats and/or hearty veggies can round out the food offerings. Good drinks and filling fare will keep friends and family in good spirits for months to come, until you have to bring the festivities indoors.

Just because it's cooling off doesn't mean the fun is done. Summer isn't just a season, it can also be a feeling. So share the joy, make new memories, and keep your celebrations outdoors as long as you can.

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