Submitted Date 04/05/2019

Productivity: the state or quality of producing something (as defined by Google).

This does not mean the same thing for everyone.

It could be getting up early in the morning and going to work for 8 hours and coming home.

It could be arising at sunrise and tending to crops and livestock till sunset.

It could be sitting behind a computer screen, writing and responding to emails.

It could be swinging a hammer and using a power saw all day.

It could be getting up, doing chores, taking care of house.

It could be going to school, doing sports, and completing homework.


Being productive means something different to all of us.

We all value different things, we all have different passions, lifestyles, goals, morals.

Yet, being productive provides the same sense to everyone.

It makes you feel fulfilled.


Have you ever just sat for an entire week and done nothing?

Not communicated with anyone, read anything, watched anything, done anything outside of actions just to survive?

Of course not.

This is because this is not productive.

Without a sense of productivity, without a sense of purpose, we are not fulfilled, or happy.


Being productive lends itself to a sense of purpose.

Having a sense of purpose leads to feeling fulfilled.

Feeling fulfilled allows a state of happiness.


Without doing anything useful with your life, you will eventually feel worthless.

You will doubt your reason for existing and sink deeper.


This is the reason old people tend to gardens or get pets,

Why little children take care of their stuffed animals or are affectionate to their parents.

It is why adolescents participate in and spend time with friends.


Whatever it is that you do in your daily life that makes you feel like you are spending your time well, embrace it.

It could be something as simple as planning, researching, widely thinking.


This could be a cure for a lot of things.

Simply helping people find what it is that gives them a sense of purpose could help turn people's lives around.


If you have not done anything that makes you feel useful today,

Whether it be useful for society, a loved one, a pet, or yourself,

Get up and complete it!

Go brush your teeth, or volunteer, or go to work, or create something.

It is small, everyday tasks like these, that can eventually make all the difference in your life,

That could someday be the reason for your happiness.

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