Submitted Date 05/08/2019

When hate is the norm
And murder is rampant
When hearts have hardened
It's okay to be unpatriotic

When lies are truth
And rape is supported
When eyes are blinded
It's okay to be unpatriotic

When love is crushed
And hate of all else lives
When ears have turned deaf
It's okay to be unpatriotic

When savagery is grace
And we bathe in our neighbors blood
When senses have dulled
It's okay to be unpatriotic

When we smile through the screams
And the tortured souls pleading
When our minds only hate
It's okay to be unpatriotic

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  • Kiersten Felch 11 months ago

    I always say I love my country but I'm not patriotic in the slightest. There's this weird expectation that we HAVE to be patriotic. JUST....no, I'm not proud of it at all currently.

  • Tomas Chough 11 months ago

    Strong poem. The United States is a great place but it comes with many flaws we should not ignore and always try to better. Thanks for sharing.

  • Miranda Fotia 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    I think being disappointed in how things are going in our country is a form of patriotism, because in your heart you know we can do better and want better for your country. Love the poem. I can so relate to the way you are feeling.

    • Ellen Gibson 10 months, 4 weeks ago

      That is a very interesting viewpoint. I never thought of it that want. Thanks for sharing.