Submitted Date 01/25/2020

I'm bleeding the rainbow
It flows in my veins
Can't be all a show
For it all remains

Falling down the closed hole
Walking through the flames
Make me a shrine in whole
The same it will claim

Colored swirls in my eyes
Must I choose the norm
You say I send my spies
To change all your forms

We are not a playland
Liquid fire we drink
A special village we stand
Too close to the brink

Come to join the freakshow
No invite you need
Reds and blues you can throw
Until you are freed

Drown me in the colors
Come fit in with me
I'll show you the wonders
Perhaps then you'll see

Let us write the new tales
Become like the few
In it we cannot fail
For ourselves we drew


Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon, https://www.pexels.com/@mccutcheon


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