Submitted Date 12/10/2019

My mind knows the way

Yet my heart and body tug in the other



No to rejection

Yes to losing control

No to rejection

YES to losing control


My weathered hands yearn to jump into action

My feet seek to tag along


No to rejection

No, No, No


I couldn't explain any of this to you in proper detail

Nonetheless describe how I really feel

How I regret the approach I took

Passively typing misplaced words onto the screen from

A lifeless keyboard

Instead of projecting my uncertainty with pride into your soft-spoken



No to rejection

YES to losing control

No to rejection

Yes to losing control


To love is to be vulnerable

Sharing your nightmares with someone whose only

Seen greener pastures


To love is to hope

With the tank running on empty

To die in exchange for a fleeting experience

The heart cant catch up to


To love is to be broken from the peak you couldn't reach,

Or to be broke altogether

To love, to ache for one last embrace

A pitiful kiss on the cheek imprints itself on the moon's crescent

As you walk alone at night

To not be loved in return

Pondering upon why we should love at all


No to rejection

Yes to losing control

NO to rejection

YES to confusion

YES to losing control


Yes for waiting and never getting through to you

Yes to justifying one's socially acceptable insanity


No to rejection

NO to rejection

No, no, no


But we don't get to make that decision


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