Submitted Date 10/08/2019

I gaze into the canyon that lies before me and dream of us together. We had made so many plans when we were young, but those dreams are dust upon the wind. Love had bound us together in a way that seemed unbreakable, but you were not unbreakable.

The trials of life were too much for you to bear, and so you left me. I know that you were a strong soul, but even the strongest of souls cannot weather storms that never stop beating. As I look into this canyon stretched out before me, it is not the wind that causes these tears in my eyes.

We always wanted to travel the world together. We had dreamt of all the adventures we would have and of all the sunsets we would see. Now the sunsets cry with me every night when I realize yet again that you will not be in my arms. I thought my arms were the safest place for you to be, but even I could not protect you from yourself.

The hardships one carries in the soul are far worse than any that can be seen by human eyes. I wanted to see, but you did not let me in. I wonder now if you had let me in, would I have been able to help you through the hurricane that was your mind?

I will never know the feeling of your soft skin again. Your lips so tender and your gaze so loving are fading from the memories of my mind. Every day I think of you and try to remember how you looked and smelled, but it's slipping away.

Why must I be alone without you in this world? The mountains don't seem as majestic anymore and the sky is always grey. I long for the day when the grass appears green once again. But I fear that for now, winter has taken my heart. Come back to me and bring the clear rains of spring. Let there be sunshine and flowers again.

Heartache does not last forever, you once told me. That was in the days before you caused such aching inside of me. Oh, to only see your sweet smile and long curls, it would bring back the light in me.

So I sit on the edge of this canyon and wait to hear your voice upon the wind.

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