Submitted Date 04/03/2019

Being distracted can be just as detrimental as it can be productive.

Being wholeheartedly involved in something can be as beneficial as harmful.

Inspiration can come from anything, anyone, and can leave as quickly as it comes.


Thoughts are not just pinpointed in time.

They are not random, or original, by any means.

They are contrived by a series of experiences.

They are a flow of consciousness.

They are a result of our experiences, our surroundings, our life.


Therefore, is it really safe to say that in order to be fully involved in something that you can or should specifically focus on that?

Is it right to assume that distractions hinder the thought process?

Sometimes, yes.

But most times, no.

Those distractions could produce more ideas, more fuel, more enthusiasm into the project at hand.


The history of thought is really intriguing.

Each person has different expperiences, surroundings, and life.

Therefore, everyone has unique ideas and processes.

How can anyone ever be "right"?

How can you really comment on the integrity of someone's thought processes when it is not you to have gone through the same things they have?


Next time working on a project or assignment,

And you feel extremely distracted or disengaged,

Realize that this could be the times most useful for your project or assignment.


Every thought comes from a unique combination of other thoughts.

This is the innovation of creativity and engagement.

This is the fruit of the mind, the seed of creativity, the fuel of motivation.

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