Submitted Date 07/08/2019

"There is no such thing as failure...there is only information": Oprah Winfrey. I relate so well to her viewpoint. Because it's true. But whenever we feel failure within ourselves it seems to do one of two things. It either freezes us into feeling perpetually discouraged or it creates a space for us to go deeper into ourselves and gather the information necessary in an attempt to learn something significant from it. What she was inferring was when you're feeling like a failure because something hasn't gone the way you had thought it would, ask yourself one question. What does this experience have to teach me? Ms. Winfrey has had an amazingly interesting and informative life journey fraught with many troubling trials and tribulations. I have always enjoyed listening to her speak. I believe there are people out there who believe because she is such a powerful presence and has amassed great wealth from a career she worked very hard for, that it must mean she is completely full of herself. This may be true of some people (either famous or not famous) who have but in her case, her actions do not line up with that notion. At least not in my humble opinion. I don't get that vibe off of her whenever I listen to her speak at all. What I do hear is that she has used the experiences that have shaped her life in order to be of service to others. I believe as she does that we all have special gifts to share. You don't need a lot of money or a certain social status to use the gifts you already possess. All you have to do is one very simple thing. Just be YOURSELF. Be the person that you were born to be...without fear.

Each one of us is unique and special. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with material things. It has to do with the essence of who we are on a soul level. Often we don't ever fully realize what our special gifts are because they are hidden under our own egos and other piles of crap we bury it under. We are afraid of the power that our own special uniqueness holds for us. I have learned a lot about my own fears regarding this through therapy and how utterly paralytic they can be. Any fear can stop you like a derailed train. Fears stop you from unearthing the truth of who you are at your core. The reason so many of us are afraid to simply be ourselves is because we are conditioned by society (as well as our own egos) to think we have to "fit in" or run the risk of not being accepted by others, usually out of the fear of rejection. So what do we do? We acquiesce, we conform. OMG, I have always HATED that word! It's as if all of us must walk around with a special label pinned to us as either being this or that, or we are nothing. This is the biggest LIE. Fear is actually: F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real. The key word here (at least for me) is "appearing". What we "think" is the truth about ourselves is not necessarily the truth.

I have discovered that it takes great courage to be authentically who we are without any fear, hesitation, or reservation. However, most of us have a tendency to walk around like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. If you watch the movie closely, all of the principal characters (not only the lion) of that story already had what they thought they lacked. They simply had to come to the realization and learn for themselves that it had already been there the entire time. And once this happens, it has such a profound effect on your own sense of self worth. So, the message here is to have the courage to be your authentic self. Especially in the face of whatever adversity or challenges come your way. Always remember that there are no failures, only lessons to be learned. Have the courage to dig a bit deeper and discover all the special gifts you have to give, not just within your own inner circle but to the world. The rewards that you will receive if you do are limitless. I remember something my father once told me when I was very young. He said, "anything you learn has value, so never stop learning". I have never forgotten that. Learning is a lifelong process. You don't suddenly stop once you're out of a classroom setting. Just living your life every single day is a class if you're paying attention. So get out there, be authentically YOU, learn the lessons and be fearless in your pursuits whatever they are!



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  • David Ross Washington Jr 2 years, 11 months ago

    "There is no such thing as failure...there is only information"
    This is so true. It's all information that you learn from, and can apply into creating a better future. People are also afraid to step into who they are because of the surrounding society. Like you said about Wizard of Oz, they did possess the things they thought they lacked. It's just like this meme that's been going around the internet for some years, where someone asks God to bless them, and God says something, like use the gifts I gave you because you already have enough (to acquire and achieve what it is you want).