Submitted Date 06/30/2020

When the world around me is quiet

Everything seems dull

But when a song starts playing

Everything is bright and beautiful


I even sing along

To those tunes on the radio

Do I know any of the words?

That would be a heck no!


I can't carry a tune

Not even in a bucket

I maybe tone deaf

But I can still rock it


I may not know the lyrics

As my harmony falls apart

One things for certain though

I have music in my heart


I slide to the left

I slide to the right

I even trip over my own feet

Man, my moves are tight


I keep dancing

Grooving to my jam

I look like an uncoordinated cat

But that's just who I am


I may not be the greatest dancer

Since coordination decided to depart

Despite that, you can't deny the fact

That I've got music in my heart


Can't play an instrument

Not a key on the piano

Can't play a note on a flute

Not even a simple banjo


Lyrics are complicated

Especially to write

But when people sing the words

It makes the process alright


I can't write a song

I wouldn't know where to start

However, it's pretty obvious

I've got music in my heart


There's a lot I can't do

There's a lot I don't know

But when I hear that sweet sound

There's a love that will show


You'll see for yourself

That I'm all for the art

And I will always have

Music in my heart

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