Submitted Date 07/05/2019

Through miraculous means God had delivered the Israelites from the Pharaoh's yoke of slavery. Ten plagues had already beset the Egyptians, culminating in the death of every firstborn male child of those not covered by the blood of the lamb in the first Passover. There is all sorts of foreshadowing of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God here, but we'll not deal with that now.

In their flight from Egypt, this mass of people (six hundred thousand men, plus women and children - likely around 2 million people, total - plus flocks, herds, etc.) found themselves camped up against a large body of water. Regardless of which "sea" this might have been, once they saw the chariots of the Pharaoh coming from behind, they panicked. They were trapped, or so it seemed. What the people didn't know is that God had already told Moses this was coming, the gist of which we read in the early verses of this chapter. He had Pharaoh right where He wanted him.

Moses was inexplicably calm. "And Moses said to the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today. . .." (Verse 13) This was followed by his explanation in the verse for today.

Isn't this just like us today? God has delivered us from sin, in many cases healed us or our loved ones. We have seen time and again how He delivers us in time of trouble, even when it seems no escape is possible. Nevertheless, each new trial requires a new exercise of faith, a new reliance upon Him. Thus it will be until we see Him face-to-face.

If God is telling you to fight, by all means fight. Do all that is within your power to accomplish the works you are called to do. But know that when you are walking by faith, you will at some point get beyond what you can do.

Don't quit. Don't stop believing. Stand when He says stand and watch Him work. Then move when he says move. Take possession of the ground He has given. We are in a battle but the battle is the Lord's!

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